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The Latest in the WECA Low Volt Apprenticeship Data Room Build-Out Chronicles

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Behind the scenes of the continued buildout of the updated Low Voltage Apprenticeship data room lab at WECA's California HQ: Low Voltage instructors John Arias and Randy Rivera hard at work putting up the room's walls--including Plexiglass for a see-through wall feature! For this phase, John and Randy installed drywall for the solid walls, and Plexiglass for the see-through walls. The Plexiglass feature will enable other apprentices and passers-by to observe the work of apprentices actively in the lab.

If you missed our initial installment of the WECA data room chronicles, the new data rooms being built at WECA's California HQ in Sacramento plus our Training Center in San Diego will allow our Low Voltage apprentices to expand upon their telecommunications and fiber optic installation and maintenance skills in a lab environment. These skills are increasingly important in today's world as companies continue to store massive amounts of data in secured spaces.