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GetWired! Labs Held Online Through at Least May 31, & Other Class Scheduling Changes due to COVID-19

Monday, April 27, 2020

Electrician Trainees and Journeymen Continuing Education students: 

Please review the information below for changes to upcoming GetWired lab scheduling and in-person classroom courses, in response to continuation of  COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders in many counties in California through at least the end of May.

Online classes will continue to be delivered as scheduled with no interruption, including all evening GetWired classes. Alternate online arrangements are offered for onsite lab days; please read below for details specific to your course.

WECA will be postponing or rescheduling in-person classroom courses (such as Basic Motor Controls or Two Day Exam Prep) for the remainder of May 2020.
For those students currently enrolled in a GetWired class with a lab date in May, including May 2nd labs for GetWired 103, 104, or 201; May 9th labs for GetWired 101 or 202; May 16th labs for GetWired 101, 203, or 204; or May 30th labs for GetWired  101, 102, or 201:

  • Your lab will be conducted entirely online.
  • Your lab date will remain identical. Your lab time may shift from afternoon to morning, or vice versa. Please watch your email for further details.
  • WECA will send you confirmation of your login instructions for your online lab.
For those students enrolled in the Two Day Exam Prep instance starting Saturday, May 16th in Rancho Cordova or San Diego. 
  • WECA is cancelling these class instances.
  • You may transfer into a future Two Day Exam Prep instance with no transfer fees.
  • You may also transfer into an upcoming GetWired 404 Exam Prep instance with no transfer fees and at no additional cost. (GetWired 404 is entirely online and delves even more deeply into preparation for the State certification exam).
  • You may request a full refund.
For those students enrolled in Basic Motor Controls Part 1 in Rancho Cordova, beginning May 30th:
  • WECA is cancelling this class instance.
  • You may transfer into a future Basic Motor Controls instance with no transfer fees.
  • You may request a full refund.
The situation around COVID-19 is rapidly evolving and WECA's class delivery plans are subject to further modifications based upon subsequent advice from authorities. We're glad to be able to deliver our regularly-scheduled online classes without interruption. Please follow WECA's communications closely for further updates, as we will do our best to rapidly communicate any further changes to you. Thank you for your patience and solidarity as we all work together to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our community.

Note: WECA has suspended sales of its DVD/Textbook-based home study courses. All online home study courses will remain available.

Want to learn more? Our COVID-19 Advisory page outlines WECA's response to the California Stay-at-Home mandate, and how we're working to ensure that the mandate disrupts your educational experience as little as possible. Please check it often for up-to-date information.