Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.

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Leadership Team

Terry Seabury, Executive Director and CEO

 Ext 112


Christine Hall, Director of Operations & Business Management

 Ext 111


Maureen Wood, Director of Finance and Human Resources

 Ext 115


Robert Bartlett, Membership Director

 Ext 131


Michelle Gilkey, Director of Marketing, Learning, and Product

 Ext 123


Don Black, Apprentice Training Director

 Ext 165



Government Affairs/Advocacy

Richard Markuson, Pacific Advocacy Group  (916) 798-8826




Office Staff

Rebecca Archer, Curriculum Production and eLearning Specialist

Ext 138


Vanessa Byrd, Workforce Development Specialist

Ext 126  vbyrd@goweca.com

Cindy Cormier, Insurance Administrator

 Ext 117


Kim Delaney, HR Generalist

Ext 164


Sandra Ferris, Accounting Specialist

 Ext 113


Wendy Flanagan, Assistant Director of Apprenticeship

Ext 145


Bryan Gee, Senior Software Developer

Ext 146


Matt Gutierrez, IT Manager

 Ext 118


William Hughes, ET/Journeyman Registrar I

 Ext 152  whughes@goweca.com

Audra Jamieson, Client Services Specialist II

Ext 140


Victor Jimenez, ET/Journeyman Registrar II

Ext 120


Ana Lopez, ET/Journeyman Program Manager

Ext 125


Alexis Moore, ET-CE Program Coordinator

Ext 144


Janaya Orejel, Administrative Assistant

Ext 110


Morgan Rosenberger, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Ext 137


Gurbonso Singh, Client Services Specialist I

 Ext 116  gurbysingh@goweca.com

Leanne Sipes, Senior Accountant

Ext 129


Evan Temchin, Marketing Content Producer

Ext 114


Chloe Thomas, ET/Journeyman Registrar I

Ext 162  cthomas@goweca.com

Diane Trotter, Apprenticeship Recruiter

Ext 151  dtrotter@goweca.com

Ralph Williams, Client Services Specialist I

 Ext 119


Denise Wilmore, Apprenticeship Program Manager

Ext 124  dwilmore@goweca.com

Aaron Yashinsky, Software Developer

Ext 153  ayashinsky@goweca.com


Instructors and Curriculum Developers

Jimmie Slemp, Lead Instructor / Lab Facilities Manager

Ext 147


Dan Bierly, Curriculum Development and GetWired Training Manager



Galen Eckert, ET/CE Lead Instructor

Ext 121


Lakeal Morris, Instructor

Ext 122


Rick Labon, Curriculum Development Lead/Senior Education Adviser

Ext 135


Rick Mortensen, Instructor - San Diego

Ext 132


Sadie Moua, Instructional Designer

Ext 127


Mike Moyer, Apprenticeship Curriculum Development Lead

Ext 163


Neil Pesarillo, Low Voltage Instructor

Ext. 168


Keith Smart, Instructor - Riverside

Ext 133


Zach Wallace, Instructor

Ext 136


Steve Kappes, Low Voltage Instructor

Ext 154  skappes@goweca.com

Tom Thompson, Curriculum Development Manager 

 Ext 141  tthompson@goweca.com

John Arias, Instructor

 Ext 161  jarias@goweca.com

James Hall, Instructor

 Ext 163  jhall@goweca.com

Talon Pobuda, Instructor

 Ext 161


Raymond Newton, Instructor

 Ext 135


Maris Kaplan, Curriculum Project Coordinator

Ext 128