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Please be advised that while we expect to run this course on the 2020 NEC, you will be notified if California is not yet serving the 2020 NEC version of the State Exam by the time class starts, in which case the class will instead be taught on the 2017 NEC. Our aim is to best prepare you for the exam version the State is serving at the time of your class.

GET WIRED! 404 Test Prep

Recommended Prerequisite for Electrician Trainees: Substantial completion of GET WIRED! program

Get Wired! 404 Test Prep (42 hours) is a fast-paced, instructor-led, and highly interactive course that focuses on using the NEC to answer exam questions and reinforcement in electrical fundamentals.

A 2020 NEC textbook is required.

Course topics include:
  • NEC Outline and Tables
  • Ohm's Law, Series & Parallel Circuits
  • NEC Articles 90-230, 240-250, 300-310, 314-398, 400-424, 430, & 440-490
  • NEC Chapters 5-8
  • Safety
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Determination of Electrical Systems Requirements
    • Theory
    • Symbols & Diagrams
    • General
    • Motors
  • Installations
    • Wiring Methods, Special Equipment and Occupancies
    • Lighting, Motors, HVAC/Refrigeration
    • Low Voltage, Devices, Communications, Fire Systems
    • General Equipment, Service Sizing, Lighting and Panel Boards
    • Clearances, Terminations, Grounding and Bonding
  • Test Taking Skills and Helpful Hints
  • Practice Tests

  • Total class hours available: 42
  • Standard Tuition Fee: $399
  • Late Tuition Fee: $449

PLEASE REVIEW THE REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS LIST for GET WIRED! Courses to ensure you have the correct textbooks/course materials.

Minimum Points and Hours: To earn credit hours for this course, students are required to attend a minimum number of course hours and earn a minimum number of points. Zero (0) credit hours will be awarded if the minimum attendance and/or minimum points are not met. See the points and hours matrix for specific requirements for this course.

Webcast System Requirements: For the WECA eCampus website and the Adobe Connect virtual classroom to run properly on your computer, please make sure to review the Webcast System Requirements BEFORE class starts. A valid email address is required at the time of sign-up.

This course is included in the WECA Electrician Trainee Certificate Path. View the path and your options at the link.

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01/15/2024 03/06/2024 Live Webcast Class Schedule Sign-up Form Sign-up Online**
03/05/2024 04/18/2024 Live Webcast Class Schedule Sign-up Form Sign-up Online**
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