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WECA Commercial Electrical NorCal Grad George Cook

George Cook, a graduate of the WECA Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Class of 2023 in Northern California, embarked on a career journey that started with an illuminating high school summer job. "What initially interested me in becoming an electrician was the summer work I did for (WECA Member Contractor) Rex Moore during high school. I got a high-level understanding of electrical through them, and that's what sparked my interest."

His early job experience at Rex Moore including working in the prefab area, where George gained valuable insights into the intricacies of electrical work. As he assisted in the assembly of panels and the installation of electrical components, he developed a solid foundation of knowledge, and made the decision to pursue an electrical career.

He chose WECA for his education. “I started out through the ET program first, and then about six months in, I started hearing about the apprenticeship program and that's when I pursued that route. From everything I had heard from people who were actually in the apprenticeship program, they all highly recommended it. They felt the two weeks at a time of hands-on labs was very beneficial. I'm thrilled that I made the decision to apply for WECA apprenticeship and that Rex Moore helped me get into it; sponsored me for it.”

During his apprenticeship education, on WECA’s competency-based curriculum model, George’s favorite competency was motor controls. “There was a lot of problem-solving logic behind it. So, I kind of enjoyed that. We would get to sit down, figure out the design of the circuit, then wire it up, including, you know, push buttons, motors, stops, starts, things like that. Also, in the field, I didn't do a lot of motor controls. So it was fun to get to learn it in class.”

For individuals considering a WECA apprenticeship, George emphasizes the importance of qualities such as open-mindedness, drive, and eagerness. “You're going to get out of this program what you put into it. There are many ways to solve problems, even electrically. You quickly learn that there's always another way to do something. Just stay open to that.” His advice is to the point: "Do it. Get in as fast as you can because it's a great career move."

George continues post-graduation to work for Rex Moore, and says he especially enjoys the larger and longer projects they take on in the Commercial sector.

Congratulations, George, on your certification and graduation and growing career with Rex Moore!