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Grad Spotlight: Alondra Mora, WECA Class of 20222022 Low Voltage Apprenticeship graduate Alondra Mora – who works for WECA Member Contractor Sebastian – got her start in the low voltage electrical industry when she met her boss, Frank Sierra, at a high school career fair.  

“I was introduced to him at a high school career expo, and he always kept doors of opportunities open for me to go through and explore,” says Alondra. 

Though some of Alondra’s apprenticeship was completed during the pandemic stay-at-home directive in California, when WECA apprenticeship classes moved temporarily online, she always eagerly looked forward to doing hands-on labs at WECA’s Rancho Cordova training facility, stating that it was her “favorite part because it would allow us to experience what it would really be like working out in the field.” 

Alondra also credits her on-the-job training with Sebastian for making a huge impact on her apprenticeship due to the amount of exposure she had out in the field and cites the support of her coworkers as instrumental in her success. 

“My foreman Luis Lara has always pushed me to do more than I thought myself capable of,” says Alondra. “I’m also very thankful for my previous foreman, Chris Flemming, and all my coworkers who have taught me everything I know today and who have been very patient with me on my journey. I’ve been very lucky to have them all believe in me and push me to succeed.” 

Now that Alondra has graduated, she says of her career that “I’m going to take it a day at a time but I’m going to continue to work with my company and let my work speak for itself. I feel like my company recognizes what I have to offer and is willing to continue to help me grow as I do for them.” 

Alondra’s advice to current and future students is to be tenacious and to embrace growth. 

“Just don’t give up. Finish your apprenticeship,” says Alondra. “If you’re willing to start something you should be willing to stay and finish it. If I could do it, I know for a fact that anybody can. Don’t give up and always grow.” 

Congratulations, Alondra! Thank you for the insight – we’re excited to see what you accomplish in your career!