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Meet Dominick Henry, a Fourth Year Commercial Electrician Apprentice with WECA and Member Contractor Helix Electric. He started becoming interested in building a career in the electrical trade after serving in the Marine Corps as a basic electrician. He says, "The WECA Apprenticeship program provides professional growth within my career. It allows me to go to work and school simultaneously without the financial burdens of college. The hands-on work experience and knowledge gained from classes has given me a solid foundation of what it takes to become a successful electrician. The apprenticeship provides more hands-on learning while obtaining real work experience in the field."

Dominick loves pursuing a Commercial Electrical apprenticeship because it "can make a positive impact on the community and I enjoy the heavy-duty work...Every day is a new learning experience." Instructor Rick Mortensen has been his teacher for all four years, and Dominick can't imagine being taught by anyone else, adding, "He makes learning relatable and applies the material to real life situations. His passion for the craft is evident, which makes it a great all-around learning experience." Dominick also wants to advise new apprentices to take advantage of the learning opportunity and adds that he enjoys working with his team members, saying, "My team trusts me with blueprints and knows that I can handle any task. My colleagues are very knowledgeable and uplifting, and make sure the job gets done in the safest way."

Working with Helix Electric has provided tremendous learning opportunities for Dominick's career growth. He adds, "Once I got indentured into WECA, they introduced me to a variety of different experiences and intricate job sites. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and useful skills in the field to have a successful career. I'm excited for the future with my company as a Journeyman. I'm ready for new challenges and more responsibilities as I move up in my career. I know if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything."

Well said, Dominick! We hope to hear about your accomplishments as your career continues to flourish!