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Janet Morales, WECA Apprentice

Janet Morales is a third year Commercial Apprentice with WECA. She was referred to WECA by a Journeyman Electrician friend, for the opportunity to experience a more challenging career. She came to the realization that she wanted to become a Journeyman Electrician when, “I realized that being a licensed journeyman will always leave a door open for future job opportunities no matter where I live.”

She currently works with Helix Electric, where she says, “The opportunity for growth is there for everyone.” Janet says Helix has, “helped me become a better-rounded electrician by giving me the opportunity to work in different aspects of the trade. There is no better training than exposure.” We couldn’t agree more, Janet!

Though she has two more years until graduation, Janet already has set goals: “I would like to work my way towards becoming a superintendent. You don't see many females in lead roles, and that's a change I would like to be part of.”  Janet comes from a background without electrical experience, and so she highly encourages people to apply for WECA apprenticeship programs regardless of experience—because you learn everything you need to know from your WECA teachers, and our Member Contractors!

Janet has this parting piece of advice for any other women interested in, or already pursuing,  a WECA Apprenticeship: “Don't let anyone let you feel like you aren't capable of being just as good as the men you work with. Practice makes perfect, so absorb every piece of information that you can and always keep raising your bar.” Well said, and the very best of luck to you, Janet!