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Apprentice Spotlight: Lindsay Couch
WECA Commercial Apprentice Successfully Navigates First Semester; Looks Forward to Road Ahead

As a first year, first semester Commercial Apprentice, Lindsay Couch has only recently started her journey to become an Electrician. Lindsay has already told her family and friends, "I know it's a five year commitment, but in the long run...it's going to pay off." Her father was in construction his whole career, and she intends to continue the legacy.

This past summer, she began her apprenticeship working for WECA Member Contractor Garrahan Electric. The eight other WECA Commercial Apprentices employed at Garrahan Electric have both guided her in the field and prepped her for what to expect in the classroom. "I think all the apprentices I've met are second and third years," said Lindsay, adding that her coworkers often offer each other  guidance on how to complete tasks most effectively, and keep growing as apprentices. This positive on-the-job training environment is just one of the reasons why Lindsay hopes to continue working for Garrahan throughout her apprenticeship and beyond; "I couldn't ask for better people to work with," she says.

Lindsay's daughter and her WECA Wattson the Electric Eel

Lindsay believes that one of the most important pieces of advice she can offer other new apprentices is to ask questions. Whether in the classroom or out in the field, if you keep asking questions, you can keep finding better answers. Her strategies seem to be paying off, as after completing her first courses with WECA, Couch looks even more confident about her decision to become a Commercial Apprentice, and we aren't the only ones who've noticed. Her fellow coworkers gifted her a tool cart to congratulate her on completing her first semester!

When asked if she had any advice specifically for other women interested in an electrical career--Lindsay's immediate reply was: "Don't be afraid to do it!"

Has Lindsay's story gotten you interested in becoming a Commercial Apprentice too? Learn more about WECA's Commercial Apprenticeship Program and how to apply HERE