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WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentice and Olympic Wrestling Hopeful Jaclyn SurberIf you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s the personal philosophy that WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentice—and wrestling Olympic hopeful—Jaclyn Surber ascribes to.

And her love for her chosen profession shines through.

“I love learning a new trade, and my contractor [Helix Electric] has been amazing. WECA has also been amazing—as a female, I’m getting the same training and experiences that my male counterparts are receiving. There is no favoritism; I have to pull my weight like everyone else. I also like the fact that I get to do on-the-job training that is paid,” says Surber.

Surber—who followed in the footsteps of her two brothers and became an electrician—credits wrestling with her fearlessness about being a female in a traditionally male-dominated field.

“I am an Olympic hopeful in wrestling, so being in male-dominated fields isn’t something new for me,” says Surber. “But I love it, and the hard work [I put it on-the-job] keeps me in shape for wrestling.”

And although women in “traditionally male-dominated fields face a difficult hurdler and are often looked at negatively, I love the challenge and would highly recommend that women who love challenges join WECA to learn a new trade”, says Surber.


WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentice and Olympic Wrestling Hopeful Jaclyn Surber In ActionJaclyn, we’re thrilled to challenge you in positive ways and help you grow as a person and as an electrician. Loving what you do—and never working a day in your life as a result—is an excellent way to live, and we thank you for the reminder. Additionally, WECA wishes you the best of luck in your journey toward wrestling at the Olympics—just let us know when, and we’ll let everyone know to root for one of our own!