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Apprentice Spotlight: A Conversation with 5th Year Commercial Apprentice, Zach Craig - Works for WECA Member Contractor Bergelectric

How did you first find out about WECA?

I had a successful job interview with Bergelectric in May of 2010. Berg then enrolled me in WECA's apprenticeship program.

What is your current title with Bergelectric?

I'm now an assistant project manager with Bergelectric. I work on industrial water treatment plants and waste water projects in San Diego, Orange County and in Visalia.

How did your training at WECA help you for the job you have now?

A huge part of my job is knowing about the details of how an electrical contractor operates. WECA has provided me with obtaining the knowledge required to succeed in my position in many ways. Estimating costs are a huge part of what I do on a daily basis. In order to be good in estimating, you need a good understanding of electrical systems. WECA has given me this skill and knowledge to be successful.

What is the most important skill to have with what you do?

I would say the most important skill is confidence. WECA has given me a solid knowledge base, which in turn gives confidence.

What would you say to an apprentice who is looking to get into what you're doing now?

Be vocal and persistent about your wants and intentions with your company. Talk to your supervisors and let them know what you want to do with your career. Try and stand out from the crowd. I was the guy who took drawings home with me and studied the project after-hours. This was a major key to my success.

What is great about your contractor?

My contractor is a top ranked nationwide company with lots of opportunities for electricians.

How has your contractor helped in your success?

They have helped me in every way. Bergelectric is a company that works with its employees to succeed in their careers.

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