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WECA Electrician Trainee Gina WhiteWhether it’s in the social work field or prospectively on-the-job as an electrician trainee, Gina White is a woman who gets things done.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2018, White started her career as a social worker, but longed to work with her hands. As the daughter of an electrical engineer father who “can fix and build anything”, White thought about going back to college for a mechanical engineering degree but soon discovered that most mechanical engineers end up doing design work behind a computer.

Unsatisfied, White investigated going into solar panel installation and got the idea to talk to electricians to get an idea of what the day-to-day of the job looked like.

“An electrician told me that his work was 90 percent mechanical problem solving and 10 percent hooking up electricity,” says White. “And that electricians can work in countless areas [of expertise] and types of jobs, like schools, hospitals, military bases, residential, commercial…and the list goes on. This is important because I like variety in my work; there are 50-plus options out there!”

White then registered as an Electrician Trainee with the State of California and began taking WECA’s Get Wired! online classes during the fall of 2020.

“I loved it right away—especially with the math, science, and theory,” says White. “So far, I’ve completed WECA’s 101 and 102 courses, and the best thing about WECA is how supportive and encouraging the instructors have been. They know we’re learning and sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed. To their credit, they calm our anxieties by telling stories about their journey and how far they’ve come. They remind us that we are capable of this work.”

Next up on White’s radar is to take the 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety course.

“It’s just one more thing I can show to a potential employer to prove my interest in the field and commitment to safety,” says White. “In March or April, I plan to get hired by an electrical contractor in Chico, where I live.”

Gina, we’re excited to see what you’ve accomplished so far in your Electrician Trainee journey with WECA and wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors!