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Employee Spotlight: Audra Jamieson, Client Services Specialist II

Meet Audra Jamieson, Client Services Specialist II with WECA! She just celebrated her fourteen year anniversary with us on March 3rd, and is looking forward to many more years to come. As a valued member of our Client Services Team, Audra most often works to provide clients with information about state certification, WECA's electrical and low voltage training programs, and member contractor benefits and services. She says her favorite part of being a member of the WECA team comes from positively influencing the people she speaks with on the phone. "My favorite type of call is when they ask for me by name...it means I was able to help another person who recommended me."

Audra has held a number of different titles since beginning with WECA in 2003. She first came aboard as a File Clerk, and then worked up to Apprenticeship Registrar--all before our Electrician Trainee program even began! In fact, Audra was part of the team that helped launch WECA's ET program, which is when she transitioned to the position of Quality Control Manager, registering new Electrician Trainees. She moved into her current position after years of experience, bringing a wealth of institutional and trade-specific knowledge to every client interaction she handles at WECA. "I do love helping clients; [it] makes me feel like I'm able to make a difference," she states, adding, "WECA is an extended family to me."

Audra was born in raised in California, and currently resides in Sacramento with her husband of seventeen years and the family dog. Thank you for everything you do for WECA, Audra! Here's to the next 14 years!

Audra can be reached by email at ajamieson@goweca.com or by phone at 877-444-9322 x140.