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Employee Spotlight: Bob Bartlett, WECA Membership Director

Meet Bob Bartlett, WECA's Membership Director. Bob is based out of our San Diego training facility. He's been with WECA for 15 years and is looking forward to many more years to come. During his tenure at WECA, Bob has primarily been involved in membership sales and marketing statewide, with responsibilities for operation in Southern California. Before transitioning to being a full-time member of the team, primarily working with Member Contractors, Bob previously worked as a grant writer for WECA.

During the first two weeks of his employment with WECA, Bob remembers meeting with every Member Contractor in San Diego. He adds, "I could feel the sincerity and desire of those Members to make sure WECA would always be the top apprentice training program in the state." Bob says the two most frequently asked Member questions are: "How do I join?", and "What are the benefits of Membership?" Luckily for Bob, it's easy to explain the many benefits of membership with WECA. "I always try to put myself in their shoes and understand what they need," he adds, "It's this empathy and understanding that will foster mutual trust, honesty, and a strong Member Contractor community."

When asked what the most important thing is to understand about being a WECA Member, Bob stated, "I want our Members to know that not only am I here for them, but the entire WECA team is here to support their needs....A good day for me is one in which I'm able to help a contractor solve a problem."

In his pre-WECA days, Bob spent four years at Penn State University, in the School of Business Administration with concentrated studies in finance, economics, accounting, marketing, math, and management. Post-college, he spent two years in the Army, stationed in Germany. Today, Bob is one of WECA's most experienced employees, heading into his 16th year as a member of the team. Thank you for everything you do for WECA, Bob!

Bob can be reached by email at rbartlett@goweca.com or by phone at 877-663-9322.