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Employee Spotlight: Christine Hall Celebrates 20 Years with WECA

WECA Director of Operations and Business Development Christine Hall recently celebrated her 20th anniversary with WECA! She's worked in almost every department here--from Human Resources to Membership, Apprenticeship, and Operations. Christine says she "liked different aspects of [each position] at different times." During her tenure here, Christine has been instrumental in building the WECA internal database, which helps feed data into the website.

Christine currently works to recruit new members and help others understand WECA's value. In addition, she assists current members and oversees the daily operations of both the customer service and training programs. She loves that her "coworkers are all working towards the same goals," and adds, "the commitment of the [WECA Board of Directors] is inspiring!" She is consistently motivated and inspired by her peers and other members of the industry to help shape WECA in accordance with the needs of members and students. For as long as Christine has been with WECA, she has been a champion of the association, and a staunch promoter of our critical business services and education programs. She is truly one of the most dedicated members of the WECA family.

Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary, Christine! Cheers to many more years to come!

Christine can be reached by email at chall@goweca.com or by phone at 877-444-9322 x140.