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Please join the WECA team in celebrating Senior Accountant Leanne Sipes and her tenth anniversary with WECA! Leanne is an integral part of the team, and although she tells us a typical day involves “reviewing account balances, creating invoices, touching base with existing members, reaching out to new members as a contact for their account questions, and working on statistical reports,” no single day is completely alike. Leanne’s work touches on every aspect of WECA—no small task for her, given the breadth of this statewide organization.  

Leanne always strives to improve the efficiency of her department and her own work. When colleagues ask her for certain reports or data, she attempts to see if it’s something she can provide regularly, and takes the opportunity to learn something new about WECA’s processes—in the process. We asked Leanne how she stays so focused and driven at work, and she had an answer we can all take to heart; “At work I’m pretty consistent and decisive. But off work, I let that go, and am a go-with-the-flow person….I grew up in Alaska, in a remote area, and I think that experience resulted in a lot of self-reliance. I have a good life; I am thankful every day.”

Leanne notes of the office culture at WECA that “Everyone gives their best. We are given opportunities to expand our knowledge, offer suggestions, to grow personally and professionally.  People are courteous and respectful to one another--we are a diverse group of folks and our individual strengths definitely bolster the organization.” Congratulations on ten successful years with WECA, Leanne. After learning more about your work and dedication to the team, we can say for sure: you’re a reason WECA thrives!