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Meet Tom Thompson, WECA's Curriculum Development Project Lead.

Tom develops curriculum primarily for our Low Voltage apprenticeship program. He was born in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD and entered the electrical construction industry at the age of 14.  Tom has worked at nearly every level of the electrical construction business and has become experienced in commercial and residential settings, as well as Fire Alarm and Low Voltage.  He began running medium size commercial construction projects at the age of 18.  Then after moving to Pocono Lake, PA in 2003, he opened his own electrical contracting firm and grew it to be one of the most well known commercial retail electrical firms in the Poconos. 

Wanting to develop himself more and find a way to better contribute to the industry and his community, Tom began teaching at a trade school in Pennsylvania.  Then in late 2011, Tom and his family decided that it was time for a real change.  They decided to move the family to a dream location.  After much deliberation as to where they would move, they settled on San Diego, CA and could not be happier with their choice. 

In San Diego, Tom decided to go back to school and has obtained his Bachelor's of Science in Organizational Leadership and became a Certified Professional Life Coach.  In addition, Tom has an electrical C-10 license, fiber optic, and electrician certification.  He is a certified Low Voltage Technician and Fire Life Safety Technician in California. Additionally, he is a registered Master Electrician in the state of New Jersey. 

Tom also runs an afterschool program called the Thompson Leadership Academy in which he teaches kids entrepreneurship and leadership.  He has teamed up with Qualcomm and The San Diego Airport Authority in challenges that have inspired these young people to shoot for the stars.  He has taken his work with kids one step further and also schedules public speaking engagements and workshops on the topics of leadership and entrepreneurship. 

On the personal side, Tom enjoys anything that has to do with his family, whether it's heading to the beach, taking hikes, or heading to Sea World.  Tom also loves running, weightlifting, and has recently taken up boxing.  He says that it is the greatest sport he has ever practiced!

Tom loves to help others achieve their highest potential and is happiest when he can make a positive difference in someone's life.  To him, life is a journey of never ending self-development that leads to a more honest and natural expression of yourself.  Self development also gives you the ability to accomplish your dreams and goals.  Anything is possible in life as long as we are willing to put in the work, aware of our natural abilities and talents, and realistic about where we are today.   

You can reach Tom at tthompson@goweca.com