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New Career Path for WECA Fast Track Program Graduate

WECA Member, Rex Moore Fills Workforce Need and Hires Contract Entry-Level Electrician Trainee

WECA Fast Track Electrician Trainee Program Graduate, Bernardo Gomez, tells us about his new career path as an entry-level electrician trainee:

The first time I heard about WECA was when I was working with my dad doing plumbing work in a home.

The contractor doing the electrical work asked me if I went to school. I said I was taking a few classes at a community college. At that moment I didn't know what I wanted to do, and I realized I had no direction until he told me about WECA. So I decided to check it out for myself and visit their office in Rancho Cordova. 

The first day I went there, I asked the front desk person about WECA and what it had to offer. She told me about this new Fast Track Program where I could get started with learning the basics of construction, using tools and jobsite safety.

It was hard to believe at first, I must say --they were going to pay me to go to class and train, AND on top of that, they were going to find me a contract job with a contractor to start my career?! So I signed up, right away! 

I then started the program about two weeks later. The instructors were great. Of course it's hard to learn everything in two weeks, but it was thorough enough to know the basics and to know what to expect out in the field. I'm really glad I made the decision to sign-up, my life has changed for the better. 

And now, Bernardo is learning more after being hired on as an entry-level electrician trainee by Rex Moore.

"The entry-level electrician trainees Rex Moore has obtained from WECA's Fast Track Program have been top notch and we've converted most to regular employees. My managers have said that the employees from WECA's Fast Track Program are far superior to any they've had from other staffing agencies," said Greg Anderson, Human Resources Director, Rex Moore.

Want to enroll in WECA's Fast Track program and get two weeks of paid training, plus job placement assistance?

Contact WECA's Workforce Development Manager, Wendy Flanagan, to apply. Now taking applicants for our December 2015 class.

By email: wflanagan@goweca.com

By phone: 877-444-9322

A Win-Win for Contractors Seeking Qualified Entry-Level Electrician Trainees

Contractors like you can get pre-qualified, pre-screened (drug-screened, aptitude-verified), and motivated, entry-level electrician trainees from WECA. We are electrician industry/education focused and we know what kind of workers you need.

Through WECA's Fast Track Electrician Trainee Program, accepted applicants go through two weeks of paid training at WECA's training facility in Rancho Cordova. They are familiarized with construction basics such as using hand and machine tools, and jobsite safety--from experienced WECA instructors.

Program graduates like Bernardo are contracted out as entry-level electrician trainees to contractors for a 4-month period, with the option to hire them directly after the contract is complete.

Less Administration for You Means Time and Money Saved

WECA covers all payroll burden in the bill rate including ACA-compliant health benefits, payroll taxes, and Worker's Compensation insurance.

Competitive hourly fees (and discounted rates for WECA member contractors).

Find out more about WECA's FAST TRACK Electrician Trainee program