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WECA Fast Track Program Graduate, Steve Navarro Starts New Career Path as an Entry-Level Electrician Trainee

WECA Member Rex Moore Group, Inc., Hires Contract Entry-Level Electrician Trainee to Fill Workforce Needs

Steve Navarro enjoys working with his hands and recently found inspiration to become an electrician. While helping his electrician cousin install ceiling fans in a home, Steve found great satisfaction in working with his hands to successfully complete a project that needed a skilled mindset as well as hands-on interaction. 

While observing and helping out during the installations, Steve concluded that this is what he really wanted to do--pursue a career in the electrician field. And in this case, his cousin literally inspired him to see the light with their successful fan installations. 

The next question was: how to get started? Steve knew that this was going to be a process, and some grunt work has to be put in through learning and getting started...somewhere and somehow. 

Steve asked his cousin and friends, and looked around for programs and schools. His search led him to WECA and at the time he was inquiring about programs, the Fast Track Entry-Level Electrician Trainee program was accepting applications. He thought, "What, I get paid to learn?" And then the program helps you to find contract employment with a contractor with the possibility of getting hired at the entry-level? This is a great way to get started!"

After completing the two-week Fast Track Program where trainees learn the proper use of hand and battery tools as well as jobsite safety, Steve said "it was awesome, it was intense though, and I learned a lot. For me, it was a great way to get started on my path to one day becoming a journeyman electrician and having a great career where I could work with my hands." 

Steve completed his contract period and was hired by WECA Member Contractor Rex Moore Group. "For me, the Fast Track program was a great opportunity to get the basic construction methodologies about equipment and tools, and safety protocols in a focused (but intense) time frame to learn from the experts. The program helped me to get the experience I needed to take those first steps and now to learn more with Rex Moore Group and continuing the electrician education journey!"

Has Steve's story gotten you interested in WECA's Fast Track Program? Learn more about WECA's Electrical Employment Fast Track Program and how to apply HERE