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New WECA Industry Partner HomeServe USA: Growing a Network That Grows Your Business

The importance of empowering local businesses, and their customers by extension, has never been lost on HomeServe USA. Since 2004, the company has been a dedicated provider of home repair solutions that protect homeowners from the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical HVAC and other home emergencies-and one factor the company can credit with its continuing success is the mutually beneficial, working relationships it has forged with local contractors around the country.


An A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, HomeServe and their network of over 900 contractors serve a growing base of over 2.7 million customers across North America, both directly and through more than 400 leading municipal, utility, and association partners. The reliability HomeServe's customers and partners enjoy is rooted in its alliances with local contractors, who deliver timely, best-in-class repair services to homeowners. These local contractors not only enhance the trust customers put in HomeServe's brand-they are able to grow their own businesses at the same time.


Contractors within the HomeServe network get to focus on doing exactly what they do best: provide high-quality repair services. Rather than spending time advertising or otherwise generating leads, contractors are directly fed job requests through HomeServe. The network streamlines payment, as contractors do not collect payment from customers directly. HomeServe's mobile app aids in the communication process, enabling on-demand job requests and providing scheduling updates for the customer, delivering added efficiency for contractors.


First and foremost, HomeServe is in the business of customer service. The company only adds the most qualified contractors to its network, so customers know they have access to the best repair services their community has to offer. The system empowers the growth of local contractor businesses, allowing them to market through their work in a seamless and profitable way. This is why over 100 California contracting businesses, employing over 700 professionals, have joined the HomeServe network, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


To learn more about how your business can become a part of the HomeServe network, click here.