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Shane Suddeth, WECA Class of 20222022 WECA Northern California Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship graduate Shane Suddeth says that the greatest aspect of WECA and his apprenticeship was “Going through the apprenticeship with the group of people that I went through it with. We’ve all grown and learned together.”

Shane also credits WECA and his apprenticeship with giving him “quite an arsenal of knowledge and a pretty heavy-hitting support group” but attributes his success to his motivation and eagerness to learn and be successful in the trade, as well as some key people in his personal circle.

“First of all, my employer, [Rex Moore Group] for seeing potential and investing in my future,” says Shane. “Secondly, everybody who plays a role in my education (instructors, partners in the trade, foremen) and my classmates, when at some points it was difficult, we all would pull together and build one another up.”

His advice to current and future students is to “Open your eyes and ears. Soak up as much knowledge as you possibly can, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. WECA is dedicated to giving us the knowledge we seek and need.”

After graduation, Shane plans “To continue to grow and learn in this industry, and maybe start my own business in the future.”

Congratulations on your graduation, Shane! We are glad to have provided you with the knowledge and tools to succeed in your chosen career, and know you will excel in your accomplishments.