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WECA Commercial Electrical SoCal Valedictorian 2022 Cosimo D'Alessio2022 Southern California Commercial Electrical Valedictorian Cosimo D’Alessio credits WECA with giving him a better understanding of the electrical field and a concrete base from which to build upon, while preparing him to exceed, thrive, and advance in his career.

“The impact this program has had on me both personally and professionally might be impossible to quantify,” says Cosimo, who works for WECA Member Contractor Enovity. “The time I’ve spent learning and absorbing the material within this program’s classroom environment over the last five years has been an invaluable asset; giving me the tools in which to develop and succeed.”

Cosimo says his apprenticeship consisted of a combination of hands-on training in the field and an accommodating classroom curriculum that kept him engaged and thoroughly tested his newfound knowledge and comprehension of the electrical field – though completing the program wasn’t without its challenging moments.

“Even though it might seem like an arduous path, spending five years attaining your certification, I promise you it’s an endeavor well worth your time and effort. It certainly was for me. I’ve always believed that perseverance and hard work will always certainly contribute to one’s success” says Cosimo.

Moving forward, Cosimo plans to “continually expand my knowledge of the electrical field” and start his own electrical business. However, he acknowledges that his success would not have been possible without his parents.

“I’d like to thank my parents, without whom none of this would’ve been possible,” concludes Cosimo.

Congratulations, Cosimo! We’re glad that our Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program formed part of the foundation of your success, and prepared you to exceed, thrive, and advance in your career – which you surely will!