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WECA Electrician Trainee Tiffany Smith













WECA Electrician Trainee Tiffany Smith is proof that it’s never too late to find your dream career.

“I have held many jobs over the years, but this is the first time I have felt like I have found the thing I’m meant to do,” says Tiffany. “The job is satisfying, the work is plentiful, and the pay is pleasing. My favorite thing about my job is turning lights on for people for the first time. I love that on any given day, when I leave my job, I can see the progress I have made. It’s tangible.”

As a female electrician, Tiffany reports that sometimes people are confused by her presence or mistake her for the homeowner or someone’s wife.

“But once people see that I can do the work in front of me, they just let me do my thing,” says Tiffany.

In fact, Tiffany says that “sometimes my boss calls to ask for calculations because he knows that I know how to find them quickly.”

Tiffany says that WECA’s GetWired program has set her up for success in the field.

“WECA has been amazing. I feel like I have learned so much. Many times, my WECA experience has translated to useful real-world knowledge in job situations,” says Tiffany.

Additionally, Tiffany appreciates the flexibility and career stability that WECA and the GetWired program offer.

“I’m so grateful for a program that still allows me the time for my job and my family. The trainee program schedule allows me to work my job and take care of my family without having to give anything up. Plus, I have a college degree. It does not guarantee you a job. Electricians can always find a job,” says Tiffany.

Thank you for being a WECA Electrician Trainee, Tiffany! We’re thrilled to help you pursue your new career while maintaining that perfect work-school-life balance