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Curriculum Developer for Electrical and Low Voltage Apprenticeship Programs - (full-time, either Rancho Cordova or San Diego) Posted 1-20-2020

Workfoce Development Specialist - (full-time, Rancho Cordova) Refreshed 1-20-2020

Electrical Instructor, Nights and/or Saturdays - (part-time; hiring ongoing; multiple positions open; anywhere in California) Refreshed 1-20-2020


Curriculum Developer - (full-time, either Rancho Cordova or San Diego)

Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc., a statewide electrical trade association which provides educational solutions to the industry, seeks a Curriculum Developer for our Electrical and Low Voltage apprenticeship programs. The position is full-time and may be based out of either our Northern California headquarters in Rancho Cordova, CA, or our San Diego training facility.

Essential Functions of the Position:

  1. Serve as Curriculum Developer and Subject Matter Expert on designated apprenticeship curriculum projects for the Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage electrical programs.
  2. Participate in the ongoing maintenance, evaluation, and improvement of existing curriculum.
  3. Participate in project management methodologies used in the development of apprenticeship curriculum.
  4. Demonstrate experience, expertise, and the ability to effectively train in Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage (VDV and FLS) electrical systems; this experience may be any combination of direct teaching/training experience and curriculum development experience. 
  5. Assist with internal training of instructional team on aspects of curriculum delivery
  6. Use instructional design best practices, create clear and measurable learning objectives, and develop and validate testing instruments in a way that ensures that training accomplishes the stated learning objectives
  7. Assist with evaluation and placement of students testing in or up.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience (Required):

The position requires a combination of formal training and employment in relevant fields to include:

  1. Working knowledge of the 2017 NEC, 2016 NFPA72, and BICSI ITSIMM, and of pertinent City and State inspection requirements.
  2. A thorough knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and equipment used in installing and repairing electrical wiring systems, controls and electrical machinery and equipment in buildings, programmable logic controllers, and construction site wiring; an understanding of AC/DC electronics/electricity, mathematics from basic right  angle trigonometry, solid state and digital electronics; solar power for electricians; basic motor controls; commercial fire alarm systems; structured cabling systems; audio and video systems; intrusion detection systems; and electrical systems, using fiber optic, copper, and wireless transmission methods.
  3. Has successfully passed the California State Certification Exam, or has the ability to attain certification within the next six (6) months:  General or Residential Electrical or Low Voltage Technician in Voice Data Video or Fire/Life Safety
  4. Five (5) years of verifiable work experience within the electrical or low voltage construction industry; equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered;
  5. General office and record keeping skills;
  6. Computer literacy and demonstrated skills using such software platforms as  MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PPT, Visio
  7. Demonstrates the ability to master the use of new education technology tools when needed. Ability and willingness to learn and utilize new software platforms adopted by WECA for the development of curriculum and eLearning, such as Captivate or Articulate; and WECA’s Learning Management System and remote classroom and meeting environments; ExamView and CPS
  8. Experienced in training and the development of effective curriculum by providing subject matter expertise; developing and/or delivering curricular materials; collaborating with others on evaluation, pilot, and revisions of new curricular materials
  9. Experience providing and/or supporting  effective instruction, in-person, over webinar, and/or indirectly through self-paced curriculum
  10. Stays updated on vocational trends and employer requirements;
  11. Stays updated on Instructional Design, eLearning, and mLearning developments and best practices;
  12. Works independently and in team settings on curriculum development projects     and in the classroom, providing updated reports, feedback, and records of student performances;
  13. High school diploma required; college degree preferred
  14. Knowledge of common office equipment operation (copiers, etc.)
  15. Friendly, professional and helpful attitude.
  16. Self-motivated team player
  17. Ability to set a professional and positive image for the Association.

Learn more about our organization, Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc., at www.goweca.com.

Submit your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re a good fit for the position, as well as your salary requirements, to hr@goweca.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Workforce Development Specialist - (Full-time, Rancho Cordova, CA)

This position manages the dispatch process for enrolled apprentices, as well as new recruits. The WDS communicates regularly with member contractors to assess their needs and fill requests promptly.

The WDS works with the Apprenticeship Recruiter to facilitate the apprenticeship indenturing process including, but not limited to: sourcing applicants, identifying whether or not minimum qualifications are met, scheduling and proctoring basic skills, aptitude and physical tests, scheduling interviews, and conducting new-hire orientations as needed.

1. Understands Rules and Regulations, and Standards for all programs.
2. Coordinates Student Dispatch with Contractors.
3. Manages Public Works Compliance Forms related to Apprentice Employment.
4. Prepares Student Dispatch Sheets for change in status or employers.
5. Composes letters as necessary.
6. Confirms Students participation before dispatching and addresses any discrepancies.
7. Works with other Staff Members on disciplinary preventative measures.
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8. Serves as part of the overall Apprenticeship Team and assists with various projects and customer service as required.
9. Process and follow up on Apprentice Leave of Absences
10. Responds to client needs and inquiries with in a courteous and timely manner (ASAP, but within 24 business hours).

11. Provides guidance, assistance, and training on all aspects of the dispatch and selection process.
12. Serves as a resource and provides training on the application and intake process.
13. Works in a collaborative manner with contractors and other agencies on matters pertaining to workforce needs and recruitment.
14. Assists Members and Students with a wide range of employment questions using knowledge and skills gained during employment.

15. Provides feedback on recruitment and selection processes and practices.
16. Provides information regarding program minimum requirements and benefits to prospective students via phone calls, emails and direct mail.
17. Works with others across the organization, external contacts of significance, and members of WECA. ie., BIA, Job Corp, Schools, etc.
18. Will work closely with the Apprenticeship Recruiter to assist with the recruiting of qualified applicants for WECA’s Training Programs in accordance with state and federal regulations and company policies and procedures, consistent with the highest ethical standards.
19. This position will serve as back up for coordinating testing and interviewing activities in Sacramento and conducting follow-up with interviewees and applicants.
20. Participate in job fairs, outreach events, and other special events to explain programs to potential students and contractor members as needed.

21. Must have effective communication and interpersonal skills as well as those needed for conducting needs assessment, providing input on candidate selection and problem solving in group or one on one situations.
22. Ability to interact effectively as either a leader or as a member of a team and work collaboratively with other departments.
23. Ability to listen to customers (e.g. staff, etc.) and to understand and respond positively to their requests.
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24. Ability to adapt to changing assignments and multiple priorities.
25. Ability to manage multiple tasks and successfully meet deadlines.
26. Ability to set a professional and positive image for the Association.
27. Able to conduct complex analyses and develop recommendations.
28. Ability to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher) and common office equipment (multi-line phones, copiers, fax, etc.)
29. This position requires local travel.
30. This position requires use of personal vehicle. Expenses associated with business travel are reimbursed.
31. Must have normal automobile insurability and valid driver’s license. Normal insurability is defined as the ability to secure insurance coverage without high-risk premium or cancellation.
32. Prior experience in / knowledge of the electrical field a plus.
33. Knowledge of the recruitment, screening, interviewing and referral processes as well as knowledge of employment law a plus.

Benefits: Medical, Dental after 60 Days, 401K after 12 months

If you answered yes to the questions above, email your resume and a letter of interest to hr@goweca.com.

Part-Time WECA Instructor - Nights and/or Saturdays

Are you on top of your game as an experienced electrician? Do you have what it takes to be a WECA instructor? 

WECA is currently hiring part-time instructors for night and weekend classes. 

- Are you an experienced and knowledgeable electrical professional, with at least one of the following qualifications?

- Certified Residential or General Electrician with at least five years in the trade?

- Current C10 Contractors license with at least 5 years in the trade?

- Electrical engineering degree with some electrical trade experience?

- Vocational teaching degree with previous experience teaching electrical code and theory (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?

- Retired electrician with 10 years of experience (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?

- Maintenance electrician with 10 years of experience (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?

- Electrician working for a non-C10 contractor with 7 years of experience (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?

- Are you an excellent communicator? 

- Do you have a passion for teaching, explaining, and sharing your knowledge with others?

- Do you have at least 5 years in the electrical trade?

- Do you know how to use a computer?

- Would you like the opportunity to teach from your own home computer*, if you have the skills, equipment and an internet connection that meets WECA's requirements?

- Would you like to be paid a starting rate of $35 per hour, with regular evaluation for performance-based raises?

If you answered yes to the questions above, email your resume and a letter of interest to hr@goweca.com.

*Partial list of requirements in order to be able to teach from home two nights per week from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.:

- A quiet room containing all equipment needed to teach.

- Reliable, High Speed Internet Connection

- Computer:


- 1.4GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor (or equivalent) for Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1; At least 2 GB RAM

- Additional requirements for RAM, OS, and browser

Mac OS

- 1.83GHz Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor for Mac OS X 10.7.4, 10.8, and 10.9

- Additional requirements for RAM, OS, and browser