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Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor - Full Time, San Diego, CA. Posted 10-12-23

Interested applicants for any open position should thoroughly review the position description and requirements below and then submit a resume and cover letter to HR@goweca.com. Please specify the position for which you are applying in your subject line.



Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor

Western Electrical Contractors Association (WECA) is hiring an Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor – Full Time, San Diego. 

WECA is a nonprofit organization serving merit shop electrical contractors, their employees and the industry suppliers that support them. In California, WECA offers federal and state-approved Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage (Voice Data Video and Fire Life Safety) Electrical Apprenticeship programs, a state-approved Electrician Trainee program, certification exam preparation classes, and state-approved continuing education classes for journeyperson electricians and low voltage technicians. In Arizona, WECA offers a federal and state-approved Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program and continuing education classes for journeyperson electricians. In Utah, WECA offers a federal and state-approved Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program. WECA additionally shares its expertise by producing curriculum products and publications for the industry. 

Job Description: 

The qualified applicant will be involved in a fast-paced, educational setting, instructing Apprentices, trainees, certified electricians or other Journeymen, Foreman or Supervisors in the electrical industry. Instructor should have experience, expertise, and the ability to effectively instruct in Commercial and Residential electrical systems. Instructors will be responsible for supporting curriculum development, research, and ongoing maintenance of courseware content. Provide support to students and fellow staff members, work in a lab setting and/or with lab boards providing hands-on instruction and keep lab and board maintained and lab inventory current. Stress the importance of safety and instruct all facets of required safety within instructional material. Keep accurate records of student achievement, and an ability to maintain discipline in a classroom setting. 

Knowledge, Skill and Experience: 

  • Working knowledge of the NEC, and pertinent City or State inspection requirements 

  • A thorough knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and equipment used in installing and repairing electrical wiring systems, controls and electrical machinery and equipment in buildings, programmable logic controllers, and construction site wiring 

  • An understanding of AC/DC electronics/electricity, mathematics from basic right-angle trigonometry, solid state and digital electronics  

  • Five (5) years of verifiable work experience in the field within the electrical construction industry 

  • Must meet the established requirements for State post-secondary faculty teachers credential or the position to attain credential within one (1) year of start of employment and prior teaching experience desirable 

  • Successfully have passed the California State Certification Exam, or the ability to attain within the next six (6) months: General Electrician and Residential if instructing within specific program 

If you have a passion for coaching or teaching in the electrical trade,  WECA will provide you with excellent training to become a great educator.  

Salary and Benefits: 

Full Time position -  $63,000 - $75,000 

·         Benefits including: 

·         Health insurance 

·         401(k) matching 

·         Dental insurance 

·         Vision insurance 

·         Flexible spending account 

·         Life insurance 

·         Paid time off 

To Apply: 

Please submit a resume and cover letter to HR@goweca.com. Please specify the position for which you are applying in your subject line.