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Supporting Curriculum Developer/Electrical and Low Voltage Subject Matter Expert - (full-time; San Diego or Rancho Cordova) Posted 10-19-21

Low Voltage (VDV and FLS) Apprenticeship Instructor - (full-time; Rancho Cordova) Refreshed 10-19-2021

Electrical Instructor - Part-Time, Online Weekday Evenings, Saturdays  - (part-time; online; anywhere in CA or AZ; multiple positions open) Refreshed 10-19-2021

Interested applicants for any open position should thoroughly review the position description and requirements below and then submit a resume and cover letter to HR@goweca.com. Please specify the position for which you are applying in your subject line.

Supporting Curriculum Developer/Subject Matter Expert for Electrical and Low Voltage Apprenticeship Programs

WECA is a nonprofit organization serving merit shop electrical contractors, their employees and the industry suppliers that support them. In California, WECA offers federal and state-approved Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage (Voice Data Video and Fire Life Safety) Electrical Apprenticeship programs, a state-approved Electrician Trainee program, certification exam preparation classes, and state-approved continuing education classes for journeyperson electricians and low voltage technicians. In Arizona, WECA offers a federal and state-approved Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program and continuing education classes for journeyperson electricians. WECA additionally shares its expertise by producing curriculum products and publications for the industry.  


This position may be based at WECA’s San Diego Training Facility or Rancho Cordova HQ. 

Job Summary:  

The Supporting Curriculum Developer for WECA is a subject matter expert in electrical and/or low voltage construction standards and practices. Under the guidance of a senior curriculum developer or instructional designer: Works with experienced instructors, subject matter experts, and the curriculum development team to develop instructor-led, self- paced curriculum products and classroom-based courses; updates curriculum periodically to remain current with appropriate codes and standards. Maintains and updates curriculum on the Learning Management System. Utilizes instructional design and adult learning theory to design blended learning courses. Formulates learning objectives, selects/recommends appropriate methods and media, develops course content, and works closely with subject matter experts and instructional designers to edit and produce electrical curriculum and learning products. Develops learning assessments and continuously evaluates training effectiveness. Transforms technical content into logically sequenced, interactive, and engaging learning activities.  

Essential Functions: 

  1. Serve as Supporting Curriculum Developer and Subject Matter Expert on designated apprenticeship curriculum projects for the Commercial, Residential, and/or Low Voltage electrical programs. 

  1. Work with lead curriculum developers, experienced instructors and subject matter experts to develop classroom-based courses, online      self-paced, online instructor-led, and print-based curriculum products for the electrical and low voltage industries. 

  1. Participate in project management methodologies used in the development of apprenticeship curriculum.  

  1. Utilize instructional design and adult learning theory to design courses, including formulation of learning objectives, selection/recommendation of appropriate methods and media, and development of course content and learning assessments. 

  1. Capture technical content and transform it into logically sequenced, interactive, and engaging learning activities. 

  1. Demonstrate experience, expertise, and the ability to effectively train in Commercial, Residential, and/or Low Voltage (VDV) electrical systems; this experience may be any combination of direct teaching/training experience and curriculum development experience 

  1. Develop measurable learning objectives, tests and assessments, activities, and continuously evaluate the training effectiveness of learning and curriculum products. 

  1. Thrives in a team environment 

  1. Update curriculum materials in the Learning Management System and other locations.  

  1. Assist with preparation and availability of materials for scheduled classes in Learning Management System 

  1. Assist instructors with the Learning Management System and/or curriculum 

  1. Assist with print and digital fulfillment and purchasing for apprenticeship curriculum 

  1. Assist with internal training of instructional team on various aspects of curriculum delivery 

Knowledge, Skill and Experience (Required): 

  1. At least two years of experience in teaching/ training in the field of electrical or low voltage construction, and/or instructional design and curriculum     development. 

  1. Working knowledge of the 2017 NEC, 2016 NFPA72, and/or BICSI ITSIMM, and of pertinent City and State inspection requirements. 

  1. Five (5) years of verifiable work experience within the electrical or low voltage construction industry; equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered. 

  1. Ability to navigate, use, and learn education-related technology, such as Articulate 360 suite, and our Learning Management System (Brightspace) 

  1. Willingness to undergo additional training in Instructional Design and Electrical and Low Voltage construction standards and practices 

  1. Following training on educational technology, software, and instructional design methodologies in use at WECA: will be able to demonstrate proficiency in creating classroom-based instructor-led curriculum for a      variety of learning methods. 

  1. Excellent attention to detail 

  1. Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook 

  1. Proficiency with Adobe Acrobat 

  1. Experience working in a high performing team 

  1. Ability to write clear and concise internal communications 

  1. Effective verbal communicator; comfortable conversing in a professional tone with internal and external stakeholders 

  1. Ability to set a professional and positive image for the Association 

  1. Ability to work on and prioritize multiple short-term and long-term projects at once 

  1. Friendly, professional, and helpful attitude 

Knowledge, Skills and Experience (Recommended): 

  1. A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in a related field 

  1. General or Residential Electrician or Low Voltage Technician certifications for the State of California 

  1. Experience with competency-based education  

  1. Experience developing instructional content for the construction trades 

Please send your resume and cover letter to HR@goweca.com

Low Voltage (VDV and FLS) Apprenticeship Instructor

Essential Functions:

The qualified applicant will be involved in a fast-paced, educational setting, instructing Apprentices, certified electricians or other Journeymen in the low voltage technician industry.  Instructor should have experience, expertise, and the ability to effectively instruct in Low Voltage (VDV) and Fire Life Safety (FLS) systems.  Instructors will be responsible for quality delivery of instructional materials and lab activities, input to curriculum development as a subject matter expert (SME), research, and ongoing maintenance of courseware content.  Provide support to students and fellow staff members, work in a lab setting and/or with lab boards providing hands-on instruction and keep lab and

board maintained and lab inventory current. Stress importance of safety and instruct all facets of required safety within instructional material.  Keep accurate records of student achievement, and an ability to maintain class management and discipline in a classroom and lab setting. Ability to operate within a Learning Management System (LMS), Exam View and other tracking and instructional materials and technology. Conduct and train on-line courses as needed. Provide input to annual budget forecasts and conduct job site visits to stay abreast of field experiences within the industry.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience:

1.           Working knowledge of the NEC, and of pertinent City or State inspection requirements.

2.           A thorough knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and equipment used in installing and repairing low voltage and fire life safety systems, and safe use of tools and equipment.

3.           Five (5) years of verifiable work experience in the field within the electrical and/or electrical construction industry; (Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered).

4.           Successfully have passed the California State Certification Exam, or the ability to attain within the next six (6) months of full-time employment.

5.           Must meet the established requirements for State post-secondary clear teachers credential or in the position to apply and obtain preliminary credential within one (1) year and clear credential within 18 months. Prio formal teaching experience desirable.

6.           Act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in development of, research, evaluation of and maintenance of effective and current courseware according to adopted instructional design methods that include lab activities and special projects as may be required.

7.           Stay abreast of vocational and industry trends, employer requirements and new classroom instruction technologies or techniques.

8.           Effectively communicate learning objectives and measure learning and conduct competency testing when required.

9.           Conduct job site visits to member contractors to educate and interact with supervising Journeymen and Apprentices regarding on-the-job (OTJ) training and inspections.

10.        An ability to teach all years within program courses identified within specific instructional role.

11.        An ability to motivate, provide and train within an environment that will ensure the safety of student, equipment, and materials.

12.        An ability to identify and consistently and fairly monitor student’s learning capabilities and preferences and provide effective instruction, including curriculum development, maintenance and delivery and proper supervision of lab activities.

13.        An ability to effectively manage the classroom environment within classroom behavior/rules/policies including conflict management as may be required.

14.        An ability to effectively share knowledge and experience and break down concepts to enhance the learning exchange.

15.        Coaching and performance improvement as well as tutoring students as needed.

16.        An ability to work independently in the classroom, as well as, in a team setting and provide accurate reports, feedback, and records of student performances.

17.        Must be a self-starter, consistently be prepared, creative in problem solving, always take initiative and exercise good judgment and perform in an ethical manner.

18.        Professional and positive image for the Association, friendly, professional and helpful attitude with customer service skills and assist and/or attend community outreach workforce development opportunities.

19.        Possess a valid Driver’s License and some travel required.

20.        General office administrative and record keeping skills, ability to create and maintain databases, and typing skills.

21.        Knowledge of common office equipment operation (copiers, audio visual equipment and other classroom technology).

22.        Computer literacy and basic understanding of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and databases.



Part-Time WECA Instructor - Online, Nights, and/or Saturdays

It's the side gig that lets you earn extra cash while easily working around your fulltme position!

Are you on top of your game as an experienced electrician? Do you have what it takes to be a WECA instructor? 

WECA is currently hiring part-time instructors for night and weekend classes. Most of the instruction takes place online.
- Are you an experienced and knowledgeable electrical professional, with at least one of the following qualifications?
•    California Certified Residential or General Electrician with at least five years in the trade? 
•    Current C10 Contractors license in California with at least 5 years in the trade?
•    Electrical engineering degree with some electrical trade experience?
•    Vocational teaching degree with previous experience teaching electrical code and theory and experience in the electrical trade (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?
•    Retired Electrician with 10 years of experience (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?
•    Maintenance electrician with 10 years of experience (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?
•    Electrician working for a non-C10 contractor with 7 years of experience (will require further evaluation on WECA’s part of your knowledge and qualifications)?

- Are you an excellent communicator?
- Do you have a passion for teaching, explaining, and sharing your knowledge with others?
- Do you have at least 5 years in the electrical trade?
- Do you know how to use a computer?
- Would you like the opportunity to teach from your own home computer*, if you have the skills, equipment and an internet connection that meets WECA's requirements?

-Do you reside in California or Arizona?

- Would you like to be paid a competitive hourly rate, plus the potential for regular bonus stipends, and with regular evaluation for performance-based raises?

If you answered yes to the questions above, email your resume and a letter of interest to hr@goweca.com.
*Partial list of requirements in order to be able to teach from home two nights per week from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.:
•    A quiet room containing all equipment needed to teach.
•    Reliable, High Speed Internet Connection
•    Computer:

•    1.4GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor (or equivalent) for Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1; At least 2 GB RAM
•    Additional requirements for RAM, OS, and browser

Mac OS:
•    1.83GHz Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor for Mac OS X 10.7.4, 10.8, and 10.9
•    Additional requirements for RAM, OS, and browser