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Are You Looking for a New Career? Or Preparing to Graduate from High School and Considering Your Next Move?

You may want to consider the benefits of becoming an Electrician or Low Voltage Technician.

Do you like working with your hands, enjoy working with tools, and can figure out how things work? If you answered yes--you may want to consider a career as an electrician or low voltage technician.

The electrician or low voltage tech career path can be a successful and rewarding choice.  For those who enjoy working with their hands and have good spatial abilities, it may be an excellent fit. 

Careers in the trades: A career as an electrician or low voltage technician is a respected  and needed profession in our modern and increasingly electrified world. Some in the skilled trades are beginning to retire, and a new generation of skilled men and women will be soon be needed.

Electricians and Low Voltage Technicians make good salaries for their skilled training and experience. Many work for contractors and others own contracting businesses themselves. They in turn provide employment and on-the-job training for employees and apprentices. Skilled workers play an important role in their communities.

How Does Someone Become a Skilled Commercial or Residential Electrician or Low Voltage Technician?
Those interested in pursuing a career path in the electrical field must complete an electrician trainee program, or have entered and completed a formal apprenticeship program. In addition, they are then required to take the CA State electrician certification exam as required by law.

How Long Does it Take?
Depending on the education path a person takes, as an electrician trainee or apprentice, and the type of electrician or low voltage work they want to specialize in--a WECA student can graduate in 3-5 years.

How Much Does it Cost?
WECA’s education programs are affordable. For example, tuition for WECA’s apprenticeship programs are paid by the apprentice’s employer. WECA’s electrician trainee tuition is approximately $1,513 per year--comparable to a year’s tuition and fees at a CA Community College. Compare that to $5,472-13,456 for in-state university tuition or $30,131 annual tuition at a private college.


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What Programs Does WECA Offer?

Electrician Trainee Program:

WECA’s Electrician Trainee Program offers an electrician education focused on a blended learning system that’s flexible, convenient, and effective. Courses are taken online over instructor-led live webcasts in the evenings, allowing students to conveniently participate after work without having to travel. Students typically attend one onsite, hands-on lab day per course at one of WECA’s modern training facilities. All classes are exclusively taught by experienced electrical industry professionals. Electrician Trainees can complete their coursework program in four years, while independently gaining the on-the job hours necessary to sit for the certification exam.

Apprenticeship Programs:

Apprenticeship is a system of learning in the classroom and receiving on-the-job training while earning wages. WECA’s apprentices attend classes in an accelerated and intensive format consisting of full-time classroom and lab instruction for two consecutive weeks every six to seven months. Each two week session is equal to one semester. 

An apprentice’s tuition is paid for by a WECA member contractor whom they are working for as an apprentice. WECA offers three apprenticeship programs: Commercial Inside Wireman (five years to completion in our California program; four years to completion in our Arizona program), Residential Wireman (three years to completion; currently offered in California only), and Low Voltage (Sound and Communications System Installer: Voice-Data-Video and Fire-Life-Safety) (three years to completion; currently offered in California only).

Learn more about how apprenticeship works in general, and about WECA apprenticeship in particular, by visiting WECA's YouTube Channel and watching the "What is a WECA Apprenticeship" video.

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Learn more about what working as an electrician is like by visiting WECA's YouTube Channel and watching the "WECA Electrician Career" video.

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Women in WECA Apprenticeship
Are you a woman interested in apprenticeship with WECA? More and more women are taking on careers in the electrical trade, and entering the industry through a WECA Apprenticeship. Explore our Women in WECA Apprenticeship Flyer.