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From WECA:

Oppose Senate Bill 1321; Contact your Legislator about this vital Issue affecting the support of apprenticeship for California's businesses

Join WECA in opposing Senate Bill 1321 (Wahab) to ensure the Employment Training Panel (ETP) program continues supporting diverse workforce training and the support of apprenticeship for California's businesses. Please fill out this form to find your legislator and send them a letter expressing your concerns about this vital issue.

Update to Action Alert for WECA Members: Statewide PLA Threat – Second House

SB 984 was passed out of the Senate to the Assembly.

SB 984 now mandates California courts and CSUs to use PLAs on certain identified construction over $35 million.

Originally, the bill would’ve mandated the use of a PLA on all state construction projects over $35 million, but due to the Senate’s recognition that PLAs do increase costs, the scope of the proposed legislation has been somewhat limited.

We are asking you to get in touch with your local State Assemblymember and tell them why PLAs discriminate against your workforce and raise project costs for taxpayers. CLICK HERE to find your Assemblymember if you do not already know.

Please contact Rex Hime with questions, or how you can help oppose this threat.


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