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Merit shop electrical contractors throughout California are under pressure from a political system dominated by construction unions that use their political influence to limit the ability of merit-shop contractors to compete for and win public works contracts...

The unchecked influence of organized labor unions and control of the State Legislature by anti-business interests make it increasingly difficult to do business in California. While merit shop business owners are frustrated with the inequitable power of organized labor groups, they don't want to abandon California. They want to fight back and turn things around.

That's why we formed the WECA Political Action Committee (WECA-PAC) to work with electrical contractors to protect their rights and fight the influence of labor unions and associated special interest groups in California. Through our coordinated efforts to further the interests of the merit shop community, we will make doing business in California fair and profitable again.

Contact WECA Government Relations Director Rex Hime at 559-500-4945 to learn how you can help support the efforts of WECA-PAC.


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