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Apprentice Spotlight: Autumn Jackson

When asked about her recent apprenticeship achievement, Autumn Jackson says she’s “not done learning yet.” This recent WECA Voice Data Video / Fire Life Safety apprenticeship valedictorian-graduate is now embarking on a commercial electrician apprenticeship program through WECA and her previous apprenticeship contractor, Vanden Bos Electric.

“I had a great learning experience in the classroom and labs with WECA instructors as well as on the jobsite with Vanden Bos Electric; both have been very good for me so why should I stop now?” Autumn says by going into the commercial electrician apprentice program--upon completion, and combined with her low voltage credentials, “it will open up even more opportunities for interesting and fulfilling projects to work on in the electrical field.”

“I would definitely tell others who are in apprenticeship programs to keep going and to do your best even though completing the programs may seem like a long time, it’s definitely worth it.” Autumn says an apprenticeship is a commitment to yourself for an opportunity for a life changing career that won’t result in a dead-end-job. “Being in the electrical trades is a great gig, especially if you love to work with your hands, oh-- and it pays well, too!”

Autumn comes from a family of electricians, her father and two grandfathers were electricians. “I guess that makes me the 3rd generation, it’s in my blood!” said Autumn.

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