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6-24-24 Spotlight on WECA Utah Valedictorian Austin Weaver, Commercial Electrical Apprentice Grad, Class of 2024


6-24-24 Spotlight on WECA Utah Salutatorian Landon Doty, Commercial Electrical Apprentice Grad, Class of 2024


3-6-24 Women in Construction Week Spotlight on WECA GetWired Instructor Rika Casseres


3-6-24 Women in Construction Week Spotlight on Electrician Trainee Dale Canyon


1-10-24 Spotlight on WECA Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprentice Grad and Valedictorian Logan Stroop


1-9-24 Spotlight on WECA Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprentice Grad Jordan Herrick


11-10-23 Veterans Day Spotlight on WECA Apprentice and Veteran Teal LeBeau


11-7-23 Spotlight on Grad D'Angelo Brady, WECA Class of 2023


11-6-23 Spotlight on Grad Brian Morita, WECA Class of 2023


11-3-23 Spotlight on Grad George Cook, WECA Class of 2023


11-2-23 Spotlight on Grad (and Co-Valedictorian) Kenny Carlson, WECA Class of 2023


11-1-23 Spotlight on Grad (and Electrician Trainee Certificate Program Salutatorian) Michael Johnston, WECA Class of 2023


10-30-23 Spotlight on Grad (and Co-Valedictorian) Skylar Grissom, WECA Class of 2023


3-9-23 Spotlight on Victoria Carrillo, Women in Construction Week 2023


3-7-23 Spotlight on Brooke Owens, Women in Construction Week 2023


3-6-23 Spotlight on Laura Martinez, Women in Construction Week 2023


1-13-23 WECA Arizona Grad Spotlight: Aaron Reali, Class of 2022


1-12-23 WECA Arizona Grad Spotlight: Chase Quillin, Class of 2022


1-10-23 WECA Arizona Grad Spotlight: Erik Ramirez, Class of 2022


11-16-22 National Apprenticeship Week Spotlight: Terry Travis Jr.


11-15-22 National Apprenticeship Week Spotlight: Alec Briseno


11-9-22 Veterans Week Spotlight: WECA Fresno Commercial Electrical Apprentice Abigail Stone


9-13-22 Grad Spotlight: Michael Braaten, 2022 NorCal Low Voltage Valedictorian


9-13-22 Grad Spotlight: Rhoderic Tayaba, 2022 NorCal Low Voltage Salutatorian


9-13-22 Grad Spotlight: Alondra Mora, Class of 2022


9-13-22 Grad Spotlight: Shane Suddeth, Class of 2022


8-29-22 Grad Spotlight: Austin Schroeder, 2022 SoCal Low Voltage Electrical Valedictorian


8-29-22 Grad Spotlight: Bryce Picone, Class of 2022


8-29-22 Grad Spotlight: Cosimo D'Alessio, 2022 SoCal Commercial Electrical Valedictorian


8-25-22 New Industry Partner Spotlight: EV Range


3-8-22 Women in Construction Week 2022 Spotlight: WECA Low Voltage Apprentice Gina Raimondi


3-8-22 Women in Construction Week 2022 Spotlight: WECA Electrician Trainee Tiffany Smith


11-19-21 Alumni Spotlight: Adam Moreno (National Apprenticeship Week "Where Are They Now" Series)


11-19-21 Apprentice Spotlight: George Cook-Cantu (National Apprenticeship Week 2021)


11-18-21 Alumni Spotlight: Jock Milspaugh (National Apprenticeship Week "Where Are They Now" Series)


11-17-21 Alumni Spotlight: Jay Taylor (National Apprenticeship Week "Where Are They Now" Series)


11-16-21 Alumni Spotlight: Jeremy Alessandro (National Apprenticeship Week "Where Are They Now" Series)


8-20-21 Grad Spotlight: Double-Program Grad Autumn DeChaine


8-20-21 Graduate Spotlight: Garrett Wallace


8-20-21 Graduate Spotlight: Drew Sisson


8-20-21 Graduate Spotlight: SoCal Salutatorian Justin Salter


8-20-21 Graduate Spotlight: SoCal Valedictorian Donald Williams


8-18-21 Graduate Spotlight: Father and Son Robert Castro Sr. and Jr.


3-11-21 Apprentice Spotlight: Jaclyn Surber


3-11-21 Electrician Trainee Spotlight: Ariana Beltran


3-10-21 Apprentice Spotlight: Laura Varela


3-8-21 Apprentice Spotlight: Charlotte Burggraf


3-8-21 Electrician Trainee Spotlight: Gina White


11-12-20 Apprentice Spotlight: Ashley Vance


11-11-20 Apprentice Spotlight: Su Nguyen


11-10-20 Apprentice Spotlight: Shane Suddeth


11-9-20 Apprentice Spotlight: Syd Finch


10-6-20 WECA Expanding Into Arizona


10-2-20 Graduate Spotlight: Nathan Price, 2020 Electrician Trainee Certificate Program Graduate


10-1-20 Graduate Spotlight: Michael Finner, 2020 Southern California Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Valedictorian


9-28-20 Graduate Spotlight: Adam Weiper, 2020 Northern California Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Valedictorian


7-30-20  Employee Spotlight: Married WECA Colleagues Will and Trisha Hughes


3-4-20 GetWired! Instructor Spotlight: Franklin Tilley


3-4-20 Apprentice Spotlight Update: Sarah Hignojoz


3-2-20 Apprentice Spotlight: Lacey Sanders


2-25-20 WECA GetWired! Instructor Spotlight: Bill Garr


12-4-19 Apprentice Spotlight: Steven Strawn


12-3-19 WECA Instructor LaKeal Morris Judges 2019 IDEAL National Championships


11-14-19 Apprentice Spotlight: Alondra Mora


11-12-19 Apprentice Spotlight: Michael Crossman


11-11-19 Apprentice Spotlight: Pedro Andrade


11-11-19 What Will You Do with Your Apprenticeship?


7-18-19 Electrician Trainee Spotlight: Vernon de Peralta


7-18-19 IP Spotlight: Ideal Industries


7-18-19 Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Archer


7-3-19 IP Spotlight: ProGroup Contracting


6-20-19 Apprentice Grad Spotlight: Mark Mendenhall


5-22-19 Member Spotlight: Imperial Electric Service


5-9-19 IP Spotlight: Construction Happens


4-24-19 Apprentices Spotlight: The Grissom Brothers


3-26-19 New Enhancements added to Low Voltage Labs


3-26-19 Employee Spotlight: Don Black


2-28-19 Alumni Spotlight: Demi Zayas


1-31-19 Employee Spotlight: Ralph Williams


12-5-18 Employee Spotlight: Leanne Sipes


11-15-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Nestor Chavez


11-12-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Nelson Caro


10-10-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Dominick Henry


9-27-18 Electrician Trainee Spotlight: Mark Matias


8-31-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Michael Finner


8-31-18 Instructor Spotlight: James Hall


8-24-18 Instructor Spotlight: Talon Pobuda


8-17-18 Instructor Spotlight: John Arias

7-20-18 Employee Spotlight: Dan Bierly


7-20-18 Employee Spotlight: Rick Labon


7-20-18 Employee Spotlight: Mike Moyer


7-20-18 Employee Spotlight: Tom Thompson


6-21-18 Apprentice Grad Spotlight: Jon-Paul Teutschel


5-24-18 Employee Spotlight: Janaya Orejel


4-24-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Rick Burnosky


3-23-18 Enhancements to WECA Low Voltage Apprentice Labs Completed


3-22-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Erik Rodriguez


3-21-18 Apprentice Spotlight: Joseph Kistler


11-17-17 Apprentice Spotlight: Janet Morales


11-9-17 Apprentice Spotlight: Cesar Zepeda


8-17-17 Notes from the Field, Episode 11: I just want to go home!


7-25-17 2017 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Graduate Spotlights


7-20-17 Employee Spotlight: Bob Bartlett, WECA Membership Director


6-22-17 Employee Spotlight: Christine Hall Celebrates 20 Years with WECA


5-24-17 Apprentice Spotlight: Sarah Hignojoz


4-25-17 Apprentice Spotlight: Bernardo Gomez


3-27-17 Apprentice Spotlight: Reginald Washington


3-16-17 Employee Spotlight: Audra Jamieson, Client Services Specialist II


2-27-17 Apprentice Spotlight: Raydon Shippey


1-25-17 Meet WECA's New Board of Directors President: Ian Vander Linden


11-10-16 IP Spotlight: HomeServe USA 


11-10-16 Apprentice Spotlight: John Pendergraft


10-27-16 IP Spotlight: SDC & Associates, Inc. 


10-26-16 Apprentice Spotlight: Lindsay Couch


10-13-16 Member Spotlight: Mark Maddox Electric Company


8-30-16 Notes from the Field: Episode 10

8-19-16 Kid's Day at WECA HQ


6-23-16 IP Spotlight: The Contractors Plan


4-27-16 Apprentice Spotlight: Carl Wenske


3-30-16 Employee Spotlight: Ana Lopez, ET/CE Program Manager

3-10-16 Appreciating our Members


2-24-16 WECA Fast Track Program Graduate, Steve Navarro Starts New Career path as an Entry-Level Electrician Trainee


2-24-16 Notes from the Field, Episode 9- What's Wrong with This Picture?


1-21-16 Member Contractor Spotlight: Tri-Signal Integration, Inc. 


11-6-15 Apprentice Spotlight: Autumn Jackson


11-4-15 Apprentice Spotlight: Nicholas Ratiu


11-4-15 Member Spotlight: Republic Electric West, Inc.


10-29-16 Member Spotlight: Rex Moore Group, Inc., at Work and Play in the Community


9-3-15 2015 Food Drive Competition Heats Up


9-3-15 New Career Path for WECA Fast Track Program Graduate


8-6-15 Apprentice Spotlight: A Conversation with 5th Year Commercial Apprentice, Zach Craig


7-9-15 Employee Spotlight: Gurby Singh


4-30-15 WECA's Outreach Team Inspires High School Students with Electrician Career Examples 


10-30-14 WECA Reaches Out to Inspire Next Generation of Skilled Female Electricians


10-29-14 Notes from the Field, Episode 8 - What goes up must come down, or does it?


10-16-14 WECA Upgrades to Energy Efficient LED Lighting in Auditorium


10-2-14 WECA Reaches Out to Students at Career Fair


8-27-14 Residential Apprentices Get Hands-on Lab Experience with Energy Saving Technologies 


5-15-14 Notes from the Field, Episode 7 - The heat is on, but the circuit is off


4-3-14 What is Inrush Current and How Does it Affect Motor Sizing? 


1-31-14 Notes from the Field, Episode 6 - Why you trippin'?


12-26-13 WECA Industry Partner Gilbert Associates Inc. Sends Timely IRS Accounting Policy Reminder


11-14-13 Employee Spotlight: Wendy Flanagan 


10-28-13 Vasko Electric and Apprentice Derek Benson: Green Energy Projects in the Electrical Industry


9-15-13 Veterans Make Smooth Career Transitions with Western Electrical Contractor Association’s Apprenticeship Programs


4-30-13 Notes from the Field, Episode 5 - A dryer with no heat


11-16-12 WECA Member Bergelectric, Apprentice David Thomas Featured by California Apprenticeship Council


11-6-12 A High School Internship Leads to Apprenticeship


8-29-12 Notes from the Field, Episode 4 - Kitchen counter receptacles not working


6-27-12 Notes from the Field, Episode 3 - Broken light bulb cuts power to part of garage and house


5-30-12 Notes from the Field, Episode 2 - Troubleshooting service panels and series resistance


5-30-12 WECA Apprentice Grad Brian Alston Profiled in Recent California Apprenticeship Council Publication


4-24-12 Notes from the Field, Episode 1 - Ceiling fans and continuity between conductors