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Meet Joseph Kistler, third year Low Voltage Apprentice at WECA! An Install Technician with Sierra Building Systems, Inc., Joseph is due to graduate from WECA’s low voltage program this summer. The soon-to-be alumnus notes, “I first became interested in low voltage when I was studying to become an IT systems administrator…I chose the low voltage apprenticeship because I was already working in the IT field, and I was interested in how all the cabling was done. It was a natural choice for me to make.”

With his experience, Joseph has the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a low voltage apprentice concentrating in fire life safety. He writes:

When I started the apprenticeship I was working primarily on data. As I progressed, I started to work in fire alarm systems. I found that fire alarm work, to me, is more interesting and it provides its own set of challenges. This past year I have worked on some interesting integrations of different fire systems, such as a retrofit of a fire system where we had to leave the existing system up and running alongside the new system, and having the cross trip when there is an alarm. I also worked on an air sampling system--a Vesda system, which ties in to an existing fire alarm system, which is attached to a Monaco system

Sierra Building Systems, Joseph states, has “pushed me to better my understanding of all the systems that we work on….all the techs that I work with are very knowledgeable in what they do….they have been good to me and supported me throughout my apprenticeship.”

Joseph says each project with Sierra Building Systems is different, and has its own challenges. He looks forward to growing his career with the company, and continuing to focus on fire life safety.

Congratulations on the finalization of your Low Voltage Apprenticeship. We wish you the very best of luck in your career, from all of us here at WECA!