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SDC & Associates Joins WECA as Industry Partner 

SDC is led by founder and President Anwar Hafeez, who has over 45 years of experience in the construction industry. "SDC's track record includes having profitably project-managed such landmarks as the Armed Forces Medical University, Washington DC Subway, Luxury Hotel and Golf Course, LA International Airport Expansion, San Diego Convention Center, and the LA Central Library," says Hafeez. Since 1994, SDC has been a nationwide provider of construction consulting services--supporting clients through claims preparation, education, CPM scheduling, litigation support, and more.


Processing Claims & Change Orders

Change orders can disrupt carefully balanced project management, but they can also mean increased revenue--as long as they are prepared correctly so that the other side will pay instead of fighting you. "The professionals at SDC have successfully settled $350 million in claims and change orders," says Hafeez. SDC's technical services support clients, helping them avoid mishandling change orders within the dynamic, constantly shifting environment of large- and small-scale projects alike. 


Additional Technical Services

SDC's professional services do not end with claims & change orders. As construction consultants, they provide a myriad of additional technical services, which include (but are not limited to): preparation and negotiation of complex delay and disruption claims, CPM scheduling & time impact analysis, project management, and litigation support. SDC's unparalleled expertise in the construction industry greatly simplifies any potential project challenges, resulting in significant cost savings for contractors. 


Expert Seminars Designed for Contractors

SDC regularly offers association award winning seminars nationwide based on practical construction experience and not theories, led by SDC president, Anwar Hafeez. Hafeez is a nationally recognized civil engineer, arbitrator, mediator, and construction industry consultant. Seminar topics cover: proper documentation, calculating delay claim costs, processing and negotiating change orders and claims and calculating inefficiency claim costs. Special discounts offered to WECA Members. Click here for a list of SDC's upcoming seminars. 


To learn more, please contact:

Anwar Hafeez