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Apprentice Spotlight: John Pendergraft

WECA Low Voltage Apprentice and Navy Veteran Navigates Third Year with Bergelectric


John Pendergraft is a third year Low Voltage Apprentice with WECA at our San Diego training facility, and a Veteran of the United States Navy. John served as a Machinist's Mate Fireman Apprentice (MMFA) and completed two tours of duty before starting his WECA Apprenticeship and settling with his family near San Diego. He says his naval career helped to develop and refine his leadership skills, work ethic, and decision-making abilities in a fast-paced environment--abilities he still utilizes regularly as a WECA student, and on the job with Member Contractor Bergelectric.

John currently works as a Fire Alarm Apprentice, one of just five WECA Low Voltage Apprentices employed by Bergelectric. "If you get the right amount of people who really know the information, you only need a few," he said, adding, "If you've got the drive for construction, work hard, work fast, and get things done, the electrical trade could be right for you."

John enjoys learning and working environments built on open communication--collaborating with his coworkers and fellow students to reach new solutions to electrical challenges. He says he would absolutely recommend other Veterans for the WECA Apprenticeship program if they have the drive, adding that he's able to support not only himself, but also his family. He looks forward to continuing his work with Bergelectric after he graduates, stating, "If my company likes me and thinks I'm a hard worker, they'll take care of me [too]."

John says the satisfaction of starting a job from the ground up is fulfilling, but when talking about what motivates him in his work as a Low Voltage Apprentice, he emphasizes, "One day, your system could save somebody's life."

Has John's story gotten you interested in becoming a Low Voltage Apprentice too? Learn more about WECA's Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program and how to apply HERE