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Employee Spotlight: Ana Lopez, Electrician Trainee/Journeyman Program Manager

Recently, Ana Lopez celebrated her 10 year anniversary with WECA - congratulations! Over the years in various roles of increasing responsibility, Ana has worked to support, grow and now manage WECA's Electrician Trainee/Journeyman education programs as a Program Manager.

Ana works with her team to manage the planning and scheduling of classes, coordination of instructors and the admissions and enrollment of students. Ana's extensive knowledge of the ET and Journeyman programs allow her to confidently consult students about their specific program goals. "I really enjoy helping students by finding which classes best suit their needs so that they can move forward in their careers and ultimately become a Certified Journeyman Electrician, or VDV or FLS Technician," said Ana.

In addition to helping students with their program goals, Ana is working on finishing her own educational goal of completing her Associates Degree in Business Administration from American River College. In her free time Ana enjoys working out at the gym regularly and spending time with her family and friends. Ana is originally from Los Angeles but calls Sacramento her home now.

Ana can be reached by email at alopez@goweca.com or by phone at 877-444-9322 x125.