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Apprentice Spotlight: Reginald Washington

WECA Low Voltage Student and WECEF Scholarship Winner Excels with Member Contractor Tri-Signal Integration, Inc. 

Top: Reginald Washington speaking to the crowd following his scholarship win at the 2017 WECEF BBQ; Bottom left: Reginald in class; Bottom right: Reginald on the job with Tri-Signal.

Reginald Washington is a Low Voltage Apprentice in his third year with WECA and his third year with WECA Member Contractor Tri-Signal Integration, Inc. Reginald learned about WECA in 2011 after becoming interested in electronics while working with PG&E. He decided that WECA was the organization that would help him be most successful, and applied for an apprenticeship--the rest, as they say, is history. His favorite part of his training has been, "Definitely fire alarms! Once I started learning about fire alarms, I just went in 100%."

Reginald really enjoys working with Tri-Signal, and although he is an apprentice, he says the close-knit company treats him like an integral member of the team. He adds, "I get a company vehicle and they trust me on job sites. They're [also] really be on education...and they send us to more training." His favorite project so far was when he assisted on the installation of over 400 devices in a warehouse for the Department of Defense. The most important advice he has to offer to new apprentices is, "Educate yourself, and don't be afraid to ask questions--as many as it takes until you understand it."

Reginald originally chose to become a Low Voltage Apprentice, not only because of his interest in the field, but also because of apprenticeship's unique earn-while-you-learn structure, which allows apprentices to support their families while learning from knowledgeable professionals and practical experience. Reginald was recently awarded a WECEF scholarship, and brought his mother to the 2017 WECEF Barbeque where he was recognized. "She's really proud of me," he added, "It was actually my second time being awarded [a WECEF scholarship]. It goes a long way."

Reginald hopes to continue working with Tri-Signal after his graduation so that he can keep climbing the ladder and furthering his education. He concludes, "They've taken good care of me, and I call it home."

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