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Meet Erik Rodriguez, third year Low Voltage Apprentice with Bergelectric Corporation. We spoke with him about his apprenticeship and work with Bergelectric Corporation, to highlight both his blossoming career and WECA’s low voltage week. Erik knew what career path he wanted from the get go, stating, “I wanted to become a low voltage technician when I first got hired through Bergelectric…knowing that this is a hands on career...” He goes on to say he was also drawn to the profession because he would be doing “…technical thinking.”

Erik specifically sought to get his education from WECA. He adds, “I chose WECA for my apprenticeship because I knew that this was going to be the best choice for me as a hands-on career, where I would get the best training from the best instructors…grow in the trade and be a better technician out on the field.”

Erik has great things to say about working for Bergelectric Corporation, particularly that they have “the best Journeymen and Foremen shadow me through each work task at the job sites, allowing me to perform them to best of my ability and motivate me to become a better leader for myself but also for the new up and coming apprentices.” He elaborates by adding that he and his fellow WECA apprentices often work together, learning from each other.

We also asked Eric for any advice he may have for new apprentices and he responded, “Study! Even when you’re not in class, learn how to navigate the books as much as possible…it will help and get you ready for your journeyman's state exam.” Sound advice, Erik!

Erik will continue to work with Bergelectric Corporation after his graduation this summer, adding that it’s his goal to grow within the company. Thank you for helping us get to know you, Erik, and congratulations on the completion of your program!