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Meet Dan Bierly, WECA's Get Wired Instruction Manager and Senior Education Advisor.

GetWired! Training Manager, curriculum writer, subject matter expert, instructor, residential and commercial electrician, and professional auctioneer – Dan Bierly is a man of multiple talents and brings many years of experience to WECA. No matter the event-- whether it’s custom training for the California Real Estate Inspection Association, developing the first distance learning program for the electrical industry or even auctioning off gift baskets for a WECEF donation event-- you bet Dan was a major player in making it happen.

After graduating from Yuba College and Wichita State, Dan spent many less-than-gratifying years working in upper management at a well-known retail chain. Desperate to find a fulfilling career, Dan decided to dive into the electrical trade by applying for his first job with WECA member contractor H&D Electric, (who also indentured him into WECA’s Apprenticeship Program, from which he graduated.) Dan went on to work as a field foreman for seven years while gaining extensive experience in troubleshooting and service work. Dan enjoyed his time at H&D, but decided to move on to his brother’s contracting business in the Bay Area, Bierly Construction, to develop his skills as a commercial electrician.

Ultimately, Dan enjoyed working with his hands and seeing the finished products come to life, but he always knew deep down that his dream was to be a teacher. Again, itching to realize his full potential, he got his foot in the door at WECA by applying for a part-time instructor position, teaching nightly Electrician Trainee courses. Dan was quickly recognized as a passionate and knowledgeable instructor and was hired on full-time. He went on to teach a large volume of Get Wired! and Exam Preparation courses as well as many day-time apprenticeship classes. “I used to think I loved being an electrician, but after I taught my first nightly class, I realized that while I only liked being an electrician, I absolutely LOVED to teach,” he says.

Today, Dan’s teaching and field experience, combined with his technical expertise, has contributed to the development and update of top-notch curriculum for all of WECA’s educational programs. This includes the conception of Get Wired! Connect to Learning, the first distance learning program in the electrical industry. Dan also oversees the Get Wired! program instructors, and often personally develops and delivers custom, private training events.

In Dan’s spare time, you can find him auctioning off goods, wares, and rarities and making guest appearances with his fellow auctioneering partner and wife, Kindra Bierly, on the reality TV show Storage Wars: Texas.

You may reach Dan at dbierly@goweca.com

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