Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.

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Meet WECA's New Board of Directors President: 

Ian Vander Linden of KS Telecom, Inc.

WECA's First President from a Low Voltage Systems Contractor

Ian Vander Linden at WECA HQ in Rancho Cordova

Please join us in welcoming WECA's new Board of Directors President: Ian Vander Linden! In addition to taking the helm of WECA's Board of Directors, Ian serves as the Vice President of Sales at K S Telecom, Inc.--making Ian the first-ever WECA Board of Directors President from a low voltage systems contractor. Ian is pleased to be the first low voltage WECA Board President, and says, "We have a lot of low voltage companies that have joined WECA over the last few years and I look forward to seeing more in the future."

At K S Telecom, Ian is part of a family. In their family-run business, relationships are of paramount importance. His company values customers, partners, and employees alike. Ian believes in bringing three important qualities to his work in low voltage sales: "a focus on quality craftsmanship, training, and relationships. Not just going out and focusing on the current job, but focusing on the relationships and ten years' worth of jobs." It's a strategy that has proven successful for both K S Telecom and Ian. For 22 years the company has been providing design, installation, and service for voice, data and fiber projects. They've added AV and security cameras to their offerings to meet their customer's needs. Ian has worked with K S Telecom since the beginning. The wide-ranging scope of work they cover, along with rapid low voltage industry changes, has kept Ian engaged. He most enjoys projects that include a design aspect; "that way I can put my own footprint on it."

Ian knows firsthand the importance of apprenticeship and training to both the electrical and low voltage trades, and to WECA's strategic goals. "I want to help keep a good thing going," says Ian. "I know what a valuable organization WECA is to this generation and the industry as a whole. WECA has amazing staff, apprentices, member contractors, and industry partners. I don't want to reinvent the wheel; I just want to do my part to keep the wheel moving forward."

We're excited to move forward with you too, Ian. Welcome and congratulations.