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WECA Upgrades to Energy Efficient LED Lighting in Auditorium


Recently, WECA replaced the fluorescent lighting in its Sacramento Region headquarters' auditorium with efficient long lasting LED lighting. Technically known as light emitting diodes, LEDs today provide similar light output to fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, but last many times longer and consume less power. For those reasons you may be seeing these lights on everything from cars to street lights.

Thanks to Royal Electric Company electricians who performed the upgrades without a hitch, 40 older fluorescent "Troffers" were replaced by 28 new LED troffer light-assemblies and eight LED can lights. Royal also created six zones that can independently dim and operate the zoned LED lights. The fluorescent lighting before only had two circuits with only on/off control.



In addition, a programmable touch-screen control panel was installed to operate the zoned lighting for greater efficiency. Occupancy sensors were also installed to automatically turn lights on or off--further increasing the energy efficiency in the auditorium.


"The new LED lights are energy efficient and will last WECA a long time as well as save us money in the long run," said Rolf Egstad, IT & Facilities Manager.  "The improved lighting controls will also help with lighting needs for events like student graduations, member events and facility rentals that are done in the auditorium."

WECA continues to evaluate and determine areas to improve throughout its headquarters and training facilities.