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Apprentice Spotlight: Sarah Hignojoz

Meet Sarah Hignojoz: Second Year WECA Commercial Apprentice and WECEF Scholarship Recipient Succeeding with Member Contractor Gary Brown Electric

Sarah on a jobsite with Gary Brown Electric

Meet Sarah Hignojoz--a second year Commercial Apprentice with WECA Member Contractor Gary Brown Electric. Her father built houses from the ground up as a construction worker, and she's followed in his footsteps by also entering the trades. Sarah attends classes at WECA HQ in Rancho Cordova, and has enjoyed classes with instructors Zach Wallace and LaKeal Morris. "They're really thorough," Sarah states, adding that each material and tool used in the classroom is there so that apprentices can get a fully hands-on learning experience.

Sarah believes people who choose to build their career in the electrical and low voltage trades should feel passionate about the work, and had this to say specifically about her work as a female apprentice:

As a female electrician in a predominately male workforce, the most profound advice that I could give another woman interested in the same line of work is to be confident and believe in yourself....It was important for me as a student in the field, and as an employee, to not allow anyone's opinions intimidate me or make me feel less than. I learned quickly that by working hard and striving to the best of your ability, that no matter who you are, male or female, your hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed. It is important to have self-confidence, and to truly understand that women are capable of anything they put their minds to.

Sarah's work with Gary Brown keeps her electrical skills sharp; "he's constantly teaching me, he's always explaining tools, their correct names and meanings...he makes sure I know everything." Sarah is also the proud recipient of a WECEF 2017 scholarship, adding that it was "great to feel supported by people in the electrical trade, working to further the trades."

We wish Sarah the very best in her electrical career with Gary Brown Electric, and look forward to hearing more great things about her as she continues to thrive in her electrical education journey.

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