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WECA Apprentice Shane SuddethThird-year WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentice Shane Suddeth got into the electrical trades due to his love of all things technical and desire—in partial jest, of course--to be part of a trade some dub as “the king of all trades.”

In our humble opinion, however, Suddeth isn’t far off the mark. After graduation, WECA Apprentices can look forward to stimulating hands-on work in varying environments, a stable career in the highest-earning trade in the construction industry (there’s always a need for electricians!), the ability to advance in their careers and even own their own companies if they so desire, and so much more.

The Commercial Electrical Apprentice—who works for WECA Member Contractor Rex Moore Group, Inc.—was encouraged to apply for a WECA Apprenticeship upon hire with Rex Moore. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Suddeth describes his experience with WECA and Rex Moore as “wonderful”, stating that he has been a part of some excellent jobs during the Rex Moore side of his Apprenticeship and loves being able to say, “I was a part of that.”

“I’ve gotten to be part of some really big projects. I think my favorite was doing heavy-duty terminations in the main motor control center of a geothermal plant in Yerington, Nevada,” said Suddeth.

Suddeth also credits his WECA Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship with changing his life—for the better.

“The Apprenticeship has changed my life drastically,” said Suddeth. “I was in a hard way before, and since then, I’ve become a better man and a better friend, and my quality of life has just all around changed for the better. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of WECA and the group of guys that I train with…we’ve all become really good friends and get to learn and grow together.”

Suddeth continued, stating that “When I got accepted, I thought I probably won’t get another good deal, so jump in, hold on, and learn as much as you can … live it, learn it, and love it.”

And we think those are wise words for our current and future Apprentices to live by. Thanks, Shane!