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Apprentice Spotlight: Where are they now? A Conversation with 5th Year Commercial Apprentice, Nicholas Ratiu

How did you first find out about WECA?

I first heard about WECA when I was hired with Bergelectric. I then became an apprentice in October of 2010.


What is your current title with Bergelectric?

I'm now an estimator with Bergelectric. I was on a project in Phoenix, AZ and demonstrated a willingness to relocate to the Tempe, AZ office to grow and expand my capabilities.


How did your training at WECA help you for the job you have now?

A huge part of my job is understanding blueprints and knowing the code book. The Commercial Apprenticeship program at WECA helped me gain essential knowledge and skills to get me where I am today.


What is the most important skill to have with your job duties?

I have learned to appreciate how crucial attention to detail is in my new line of work. In such a competitive industry, the details will make you or break you.


What would you say to an apprentice who is looking to get into what you do now? 

My advice to apprentices is to focus on the satisfaction and pride of what you do, rather than just looking for a paycheck. If you stay motivated and hustle, it's not impossible to stand out in a big company and be considered for more opportunities.


What is great about your contractor?

Bergelectric is a top-ranked nationwide company with lots of opportunities for growth. This has translated into me working my way up to being an estimator.


How has your contractor helped in your success?

I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. From casinos to hospitals, my experience with Berg has helped me gain the knowledge that prepared me for estimating today.

What benefits does your job provide? (security for family, job satisfaction?)

Next to all the benefits that come from a great career in the electrician trade, I get a lot of satisfaction and pride from doing my job.

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