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Meet Michael Finner, fourth year Commercial Electrical Apprentice! Michael is working with Bergelectric Corporation, who also have many other WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentices. He says that working with fellow apprentices is a lot of fun, but they also challenge one another in knowledge and techniques daily. Michael adds, "I've been fortunate to work in many aspects of the trade with Berg: underground, deck work, slab-on-grade, rough-in, lighting control, trim and finish, minor troubleshooting, etc." Michael says that he is greatly looking forward to continuing his work with Bergelectric after graduation, adding, "They've invested a lot in my education and training which has vastly improved quality of life for my family. I look forward to returning the favor."

When Michael is at WECA's San Diego training facility, Rick Mortensen is his favorite instructor. He adds, "Rick's very patient. Even if a student doesn't understand a concept, he makes sure to break down the information until they understand, before we move on. His experience in the field pours out in the classroom. He has many, many tricks of the trade to pass on to students."

So why did he choose to join the electrical trades versus another educational avenue? Michael enjoys working with lighting controls, saying "I enjoy being able to study, understand and put together complicated systems. There's a feeling of accomplishment when things turn on and operate the way the customer expects." He comes from a family of tradesmen, and after time in the Marine Corps, Michael wanted a reliable income for his family. He says, "With WECA I get paid alongside my apprenticeship, versus working my way through college and piling up student loan debt."
Michael also has some great tips for being a successful apprentice with WECA: "Come with a great attitude, be ready to learn, and push yourself. There's a lot of information and it doesn't come easy to everyone. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable and willing to ensure you understand the material....this is a career, not just a paycheck. Invest yourself in your education and invest your money in quality tools."

Well said, Michael, and the very best of luck in your career!