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Apprentice Spotlight: Raydon Shippey

Successful WECA Second Year Commercial Apprentice at Bosley Electric 

Commercial Apprentice Raydon Shippey on the job with Bosley Electric.

Meet Raydon Shippey, second year Commercial Apprentice at WECA currently working with WECA Member Contractor Bosley Electric. Raydon is also a 2017 WECEF Scholarship recipient! Before applying to become an apprentice, Raydon performed a lot of "general labor and other miscellaneous work for several years before that. I was interested in trying something new and I wanted the opportunity to take better care of my family." He was interested in "staying in a construction-related field that would keep me moving, engaged, and working with my hands."

Raydon's first job with Bosley Electric was a tilt-up UPS warehouse; "It was basically putting to use everything I learned early in my apprenticeship, and I really felt like I was able to hold my own and fit in." Raydon enjoys his work with Bosley Electric, and values the fulfilling, lifelong career he's building through apprenticeship. He says being punctual, willing to learn, and persistent in his education helps him be a successful apprentice with Bosley.

Raydon is also a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and strongly encourages veterans to pursue a career in the electrical trades, adding that it's a promising career path for everyone who enjoys hands-on work. He believes, "one thing I learned [from my time in the military] is that everyone is different, and a lot of the times the differences that may separate you are insignificant when considering what you are able to accomplish together."

Above all, Raydon is grateful--particularly for his recent WECEF scholarship award: "I can't thank everyone at WECA enough for giving us the opportunity to develop ourselves. It takes a community to nurture and grow excellence, and I'm very happy to be among such a large group of involved and enthusiastic professionals."

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