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WECA Apprentice Su NguyenThird year WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentice Su Nguyen was inspired to enter the electrical trade by his wife, Phuong, and son, Nicholas.

“They are the reason why I wake up each morning—to provide a good life for them and me,” said Nguyen.

And in his career with WECA Member Contractor Rex Moore Group, Inc., he does that—and so much more. As a Commercial Electrical Apprentice, his employer Rex Moore Group, Inc. covers all of his educational expenses and provides him with comprehensive on-the-job training, ensuring that Nguyen will graduate without the burden of student debt and have a bright future working in a stable, stimulating, always-in-demand career—with myriad options for advancement, even all the way up to owning his own company someday if he wants to—ahead of him.

“I had heard a lot of good reviews about WECA’s Apprenticeship program from fellow grads and co-workers,” said Nguyen. “I would like to thank Rex Moore for this opportunity and for my sponsorship in the Apprenticeship program.”

But for Nguyen, working with Rex Moore isn’t just about the money. It’s also about taking pride in one’s work and helping make a difference in the local community.

“As I start and finish a project, there is a moment of pride knowing that my team and I had a hand in it. I truly cannot describe the feelings knowing the project is complete and turned over to the customers,” said Nguyen.

 Nguyen also takes pride in the complexity and dynamics of the ever-evolving electrical industry.

“The electrical trade is constantly growing and improving,” said Nguyen. “Just by simply looking at how often the NEC is updated, workers in the trade need to adapt to newer technology and to be able to see those changes from the previous code book. With great leadership and co-workers, I’m able to obtain knowledge and apply it daily.”

Meanwhile, for the classroom portion of his Apprenticeship, Nguyen states that “WECA has amazing, one-of-a-kind instructors. Each has different teaching techniques and styles.”

One prominent example that Nguyen recalls is WECA Apprenticeship instructor LaKeal Morris knowing how exactly to engage his students if their attention waned—getting their attention by exclaiming “DANCE BATTLE?”

Nguyen also said, “I am blessed to have James Hall as my instructor. He’s given me an abundance of knowledge through his lectures. I cannot thank James enough for what was taught to me.”

And for his fellow current and future Apprentices, Nguyen had this to say: “Ask questions; there is no such thing as a dumb question. Also, one foreman always tells me to ‘be sure to look in the NEC on what your task is.’ It’s a wise tip.”

Lastly, Nguyen credits his success in his Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship program to: his family and Rex Moore Group, Inc. for their support; his leadership team Shontz, Musick, Frank, Josh, Solin, Scott and Trueba for their knowledge and opportunities in the field, and last but not least—Nguyen extended a huge “thank you” to WECA.