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12/9/15 – WECA San Diego Retakes the Lead

Instructor Mark Milne and his VDV apprenticeship class retook the lead for San Diego with a strong showing this week-- 161 additional contributions of canned and dried food items!

11/24/15 – A Response from WECA Rancho Cordova

WECA Rancho Cordova saw San Diego's contributions and raised them. We're all waiting to see San Diego's next hand... though if history is any indication, they'll be coming back soon with another strong showing. 

11/12/15 – WECA’s San Diego Class Answers Back

WECA's canned food drive got to an early start this year with Rancho Cordova Instructor Jimmie "Chili Beans" Slemp's 2nd year commercial apprenticeship class starting the friendly rivalry with 70 cans of food and numerous bagged food items like rice and beans.

Recently, San Diego's 5th year commercial apprentices upped the ante with a haul of 221 cans and 128 dry and bagged food items.

It's still early but the numbers are looking great and there's no doubt that these friendly skirmishes will ultimately benefit the local food banks and communities where WECA training facilities are located. We'll report back with the next volley!

10/15/15 – Canned Food Drive at WECA Facilities Gets an Early Start! Friendly Rivalry Between Facilities Will Benefit Those Most in Need

Last year's canned food drive was a success thanks to everyone who participated! Students and instructors from WECA's facilities in Rancho Cordova, San Diego and Riverside all gave generously in support of local food banks.

At times a friendly yet fierce rivalry existed between the locations to see who could gather the most canned food items. This year's competition is heating up already.

With this year's early start to the canned food drive, Rancho Cordova Instructor Jimmie "Chili Beans" Slemp's current 2nd year commercial apprenticeship class has thrown down the gauntlet with the first set of canned good donations, shown above. "Let the games begin," said Jimmie.

At press time, WECA's Southern California facilities were plotting a canned counter-attack.