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Meet Cesar Zepeda, third year apprentice in WECA's Low Voltage Apprenticeship program! Residing in Chula Vista, Cesar works with Member Contractor SimplexGrinnell as an Apprentice Class 5 Electronics.

Cesar enjoys the many jobs that come with his apprenticeship, from working on schools and malls, to military bases and more. It was actually a completed building project with his Foreman that prompted him to concentrate in Low Voltage. Cesar added, "I recall how proud I felt, being part of a project so big." He says he's found his calling within the low voltage industry with a company that has helped him build a lifelong career from the ground up--something the WECA team wishes for every one of our apprentices. Cesar adds that as a third year student, close to graduation, he hopes to continue his work with SimplexGrinnell and grow with the company, eventually reaching a Foreman position.

Cesar is also a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving four years in Aviation Ordinance as Petty Officer 3rd Class (E4). Cesar adds, "I believe that my military service has to do a lot with my success in the trade....I actually just referred a friend of my mine to my boss. I feel us Vets are a perfect fit in the trade." Cesar was even initially referred to the electrical trade by a fellow Veteran who had just completed his Apprenticeship!

Congratulations on your final year in the Low Voltage Apprenticeship program--we hope to hear more about your career growth with Simplex Grinnell. Thank you for the service that you have given this country, from all of us here at WECA.