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Apprentice Spotlight: Carl Wenske

High School Graduate-to-WECA Apprentice Nears Program Completion and Looks Forward to Great Career Opportunities and Learning in the Electrical Trade

Carl Wenske knew what he wanted to do for a career after graduating from high school, and he went for it. Carl knew he loved working with his hands and was naturally interested in how things work. This led him to employment with H&D Electric, where he made a point to help out wherever he was needed. An opportunity to be sponsored by H&D as an apprentice came up, and he was on his way with his electrical education.

Over the years, Carl has worked hard to learn the trade from his mentors at H&D Electric on the job site, as well as in the classroom with WECA instructors. "I'm lucky that I knew right away that I wanted a good career that would allow me to work with my hands and mind," said Carl. "WECA's programs, staff, and instructors are great because they're focused on your success. But it's up to the individual to put in the hard work and attitude to get the most out of this opportunity to learn a skilled trade. It opens doors for career prospects and all the benefits that come with that."

Carl is a great example of hard work and attitude. As noted by WECA instructor and lab manager Jimmie Slemp, "Recently we received some equipment donations, and I needed help to properly set them up for display in one of our labs. Carl quickly volunteered to assist. I appreciate that he was willing to stay after class every day for a few hours to help complete this new transformer display. All I had to do was tell Carl what needed to be done and he took it from there. I know he's graduating soon and I wish him continued success in his electrical career as with all the other WECA apprentices and trainees set to graduate this summer."

When asked about his upcoming graduation, Carl says, "I've learned a lot here at WECA and with H&D Electric but there is still a lot more to learn. I'm looking forward to the next steps in my career and I'm glad I received my electrical education foundation from WECA. It's solid!" 

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