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Liddia VenturaLiddia Ventura is no stranger to construction, having been around it her whole life. But she found that the electrical trade interested her the most because “There’s always a learning opportunity. Electricity is part of our everyday life and being able to have a working knowledge of it is a great life skill.”

For Ventura, becoming an electrician is also borne out of sentimentality. Her goal is to ultimately operate a solar farm in her mother’s hometown.

In the meantime, though, Ventura is enjoying learning in the classroom with WECA as a Commercial Electrical Apprentice as well as on-the-job with her employing member contractor.

“WECA has been beyond amazing,” says Ventura. “Since I applied, everything has been professional, especially Ms. Trotter [Diane Trotter, WECA’s Workforce Development Supervisor]. She has helped me and consistently checks in on me. And [on-the-job] my contractors have truly taken the time to teach me, and I feel that I am learning a great deal.” 

Ventura continues, stating that “The biggest deal [about WECA] is that I get paid to learn. Hands-on experience works for me. I was never the greatest in school, but I’m a quick learner and WECA gives me a great sense of achievement to build stuff on my own.”

As for being a female in a predominantly male field, Ventura says that it’s “pretty exciting.”

“The times are changing, and women are causing that change,” says Ventura. “It’s a sense of pride to show that we are capable of more than people want to believe. I believe that more women should join the electrical field because the world is all about equality, and there’s women that are showing that they can do it, too.”

And this enthusiasm shows in everything Ventura does—even when it comes to talking with her friends.

 “Honestly, I tell them all the time to join WECA”, says Ventura. “WECA helps you find a job, and they walk you through everything. And it’s [the application period] open all year round.”

Liddia, thank you for being part of the WECA family, and we can’t wait to hear of you opening your solar farm in your mother’s hometown someday. That’s what we at WECA love about the jobs we do—we help people achieve their dreams!